Pedaling out of the Funk

I’ve been in a funk for a few days. It started Saturday when I rode in all the fog and drizzle. It’s spring for God’s sake; bring on the sun!

It was time to get back out on the bike tonight. Luckily my friend Meg was up to joining me. She has a “program” and today’s ride was supposed to be temp at level 2 (Zone 2 heart rate). I didn’t have a plan and just wanted to be on the bike. Given the fact that I haven’t been on it since Saturday, level 2 sounded good to me.

I thought it was just going to be Meg and me, but Stephanie also showed up. That was a good thing.

Stephanie, being a Cat 2 racer, is much stronger than Meg and me. I swear at times she was trying to kill us, or at least me, but I wouldn’t go down without a fight. (To make matters worse, she was doing it on her cross bike!)

We rode a fast tempo with a rolling paceline for about 50% of the ride. It was challenging but oh so fun to be cruising along together. There were also a few climbs, small hills actually, which I was swiftly dropped on. God I suck at climbing.

I learned a lot tonight. I always do when riding with Steph. I need to work on hills more (no brainer on that one). We discussed that the first one I was significantly dropped on was the perfect one to work hill repeats on. She also gave me a couple tips on holding the wheel in front of me, especially when climbing. It mostly requires suffering and digging even deeper. But I’m willing to work on it.

For dinner I had fruit and yogurt. It’s an attempt to lose some weight so I can climb a little bit easier. It’s a power to weight ratio thing – get the weight down if I can’t get the power up. However, the goal is to work on both.

Even with my failures on the hills I’m feeling terrific after having pedaled out of my funk and I am enjoying the peaceful feeling from the endorphins.


One response to “Pedaling out of the Funk

  1. Its good to have a ride like that to get the cob webs out – and nothing beats getting tips! I have the same problem – I suck going uphill – I don’t recover quick enough – I expend way too much energy. If I am going to get dropped that is where it will happen.

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