Post-Crit Ride

It poured buckets here Monday evening, the day after my first crit. I had planned the night off as a rest day.

There was a group ride I was interested in trying. I heard it was a little bit more tame than the PVC Tuesday night ride. Figured it would be about my speed but then I read the organizers comments: “We will soft pedal at the top of larger hills to wait for people to catch on, but this will be a fast ride.” That should have been my clue.

Of course I was the only girl with 5 other guys. I didn’t warm up and jumped into the ride on the way by my home. After yesterday’s day off the legs were very flat. I was more concerned with my burning lungs. I doubt I was a mile into the ride and backed off. I figured if I dropped way off the back I wouldn’t slow them down.

What started out as a group ride quickly turned into a solo ride. Sometimes it just works that way. When I finished my ride my legs felt better. Tomorrow they should feel good enough to ride a much better ride. I’ll get an earlier start tomorrow and try to pack on more miles than today’s 18 miles.

All of us in the local cycling community really hopes it warms up soon. It seems it’s been such a cold wet spring and it will be so nice when the sun comes out for a longer period of time. My friend Steph has been in Tuscon training for the past week and I’m pleading with her to bring back some warm weather with her later this week. I’ve been riding with tights, jackets, hats and thick gloves so long I’ve forgotten what it’s like to ride with shorts and short sleeves!


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