Hill Repeats

Tonight was a hill-repeat night.

Last week, after seeing how much I sucked at hills, Steph mentioned doing some hill repeats. So today was the day.

I don’t use a powermeter but I do use a heart rate monitor. Tonight my heart rate and perceived efforts seemed a little off. Typically they match up pretty well but not tonight. My perceived effort seemed just a little higher than my heart rate values.  That can be a sign of overtraining so I’ll keep an eye on it and back off if needed.

I didn’t track my hill repeats too closely. I should have used the lap function on my computer but chose not to. Of course I’m a numbers kinda gal so after the first couple “circuits” I was not happy with the decision and wished I had more concrete data. My “circuits” were about the same, with the third one being slightly shorter, but not by much.

Did I mention I hate climbing? (If I was better at it I suppose I wouldn’t hate it so much.) Since I hate climbing, I really hate hill repeats. However, if they make a difference and allow me to get up over the climbs a little easier, then I’ll keep doing them.

Climbing must also be an art form. Some are better at climbing than others. I don’t think I’m built like a climber or have a good climbing technique. It’s always going to be part of cycling and I’d really like to get better at it so it requires work. A lot of work!


3 responses to “Hill Repeats

  1. I hate climbing too. I’m really lousy on it. I do enjoy the ride down, though. I have a thing for speed 🙂

  2. I have a friend who is an accomplished racer and climber. He informs me that hills never get “easier”, you just complete them faster. If getting in better climbing-shape means I can shorten the pain intervals, I’m all for it!

  3. Amen, John!

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