My Second Crit

What a difference a week makes! Today was a horrible day on the bike.

I was dropped on the first lap. UGH!

The wind was blowing at 20 mph and gusting to 30. At some spots on the back side, near the marsh, you felt like you were either going to come to a complete stop or get blown over.

There was a new guy in the field today and he did a good (?) job at stringing out the field. As soon as that happend, from the get-go mind you, I knew it only meant trouble.

So after being dropped I played it smart and pedaled easy to be ready to hop back in when they came around again. It took them two laps to get to me but I finally rejoined the group. That lasted yet another lap before I was dropped again. Well, if you don’t succeed, try and try again.

And that’s exactly what I did. Another two laps and I was back in the field. This time I managed to hang on a couple laps before being dropped on the final lap. In fact at one point during that time I was almost dropped early on but I dug deep and managed to get back on.

After the race I consulted with Steph about how I felt. We came to the conclusion that I might not have been open  enough before the race because later in the race I felt better. So I might explore other options to make sure I’m ready next week.

Perhaps it was the wind, or even the effort, but I was pretty spent for the remainder of the day. That said, there is no rest for the weary. I’ll be back on the bike for a couple big efforts over the next couple days. Luckily the weather looks like it’s at least going to be sunny, which I’ll take, even with a bit of wind predicted for tomorrow.


I actually looked official with an older PVC jersey which Stephanie lent me for the race. (Sorry about the blurriness.)


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