Last Day Before Two Recovery Days

Tonight needed to be another hard day on the bike. It was a solo ride for me. I thought strength intervals might be in order since the next two days will be really light on the bike.

These intervals included 3 10-minute intervals of big gear, low cadence, in Zone 3, followed by a 5-minute recovery period. I think some of the time in the intervals ended up being more in Zone 4.

I did start to feel some cramps coming on in my left calf, despite drinking an energy drink. Sometimes I don’t have cramps at all and sometimes they are really bad. I still don’t get it. They are highly annoying and can really ruin a ride. Luckily I kept them it bay, this time.

Not only did I push a bit gear for a little strength training on the bike, but I went into the gym during lunch at work to do  some core exercises, which also included some leg work in the form of lunges and squats. With the next two days as light days I figured it couldn’t hurt to load up on the strength work today.

I have plans tomorrow night after work so to get my easy recovery ride in I’m going to take the bike to work and get the 45 minutes in during lunch. It was the best solution, otherwise it would have turned into a day off.

Over a week ago I chose to ride the stationary bike at work during lunch for the same purpose but the big wide saddle was so uncomfortable I vowed never to do that again. My own bike is much better!

It’s predicted to be a nice sunny day tomorrow so I’ll also look forward to a little sun in my face. Now that will feel like heaven!


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