Journal of My Day Following a Strength Workout

5:30: woke up and rolled over to discover my legs were very sore.

5:45: getting out of bed was difficult due to the DOMS.

6:45: walking down the stairs I realized that my right quad was significantly more sore than my left, due to lunges and going deeper on one side than the other.

7:30: settling in my chair at work took a little while due to my tender glutes.

10:30: realized I sat too long because I was really stiff when I got out of my chair.

1:30: hopped on the bike for an easy recover ride. This ought to be interesting!

2:00: realized the my legs felt really good pedaling in circles.

3:00: felt like my legs were going to buckle and go out from underneath me, especially the right leg.

8:30: legs still sore but moving a little better.

I can expect another day like this tomorrow, though I hope it will be slightly better. The worst part is that I really need to wait until the soreness is gone before I can get back in the gym to do another strength workout. I’ll still get my easy spin on the bike though.

I only wish it hurt as much while you were doing it. That way I’d back off a little bit instead of working so hard that I can barely move the following day. And yet I do this sort of thing over and over. I just need to remember to do it more frequently so this soreness doesn’t persist and I actually gain some leg/core strength.

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