Sports Bras, not Just for Sports

Okay, I know that I have a fair bit of male readers here. I’m sure the subject line has tipped you off to the fact that this is a post for the ladies who read this blog.

The subject, of course are sports bras.

I have found some good deals on sports bras lately. They are a necessary piece of clothing for biking, or other sports.

What I’m finding is that they are so comfortable that I have been wearing them in place of my other bras. Perhaps some of you don’t have this problem but many of my bra straps won’t stay on my shoulders, regardless of how much adjusting I do with the straps.

So the easy solution is wearing more sports bras. They are undetectable under a suit or many of my blouses that are worn for the office. My sports bras are no longer just for sports!

3 responses to “Sports Bras, not Just for Sports

  1. I did the same years ago…much easier to wear all day long! My sister in law does the same and we laugh because the sort of give you the uni-boob look but comfort is top on the list for me!!

  2. HA! I didn’t know anyone else used the “uni-boob” term but me. Some bras are worse than others at it. Still, comfort is priority #1!

  3. This is good information for me when I need to wear a sports “BRO” when I’m old and fat!

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