Is it Ever Going to Stop Raining?

It’s been a very cold, wet spring here in Maine. Surprisingly we’ve had a fire danger recently.

I think that’s been alleviated by all the rain we received over the past two days.

With the rain yesterday I took the night off. I had some cooking to do so it was a good time to do that.

Tonight Stephanie’s clinic series, which I am taking, got rained out. I couldn’t afford another night off so I hit the trainer. I couldn’t seem to get my heart rate up to save my life. I don’t seem to be feeling bad but was miserable on the trainer. That only reinforces that riding inside on a trainer is so different then actually riding outside.

The purpose was to just keep the legs moving. I accomplished that. I did a few “pick-ups”, as my friend Julie calls them, to try to open up. I’m not confident I was successful – I’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s ride to find that out.

The good news is that after tonight’s rain, we should have a nice stretch of weather.



One response to “Is it Ever Going to Stop Raining?

  1. Better weather indeed…nice how a string of 80 degree days pops out of nowhere…gotta love New England!

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