Turtle Pond

There is a race in Loudon, NH today known as Turtle Pond. It’s an 11+ mile circuit race with 3 laps of the circuit.

Several team members are racing. A few weeks ago I was going to register. Then I decided not to and just stay put to work on my fitness. However, this week I had a change of heart and registered Thursday evening before it closed on BikeReg.

The weather is supposed to be terrific with temps in the 70’s or perhaps low 80’s. That in itself will be a shock to my system.

The Cat 3/4 field is almost full at almost 45 participants. The Pro1/2 is very light so unfortunately the decision was made to start all the women together. This will suck because the Pro1/2’s will go off the front and the 3’s, hoping to cat up, will chase hard.

My tactics for the day: try to stay on a wheel and in contact with at least the last group (certainly don’t want an individual time trial of 30 miles!), watch what goes on in the race, and above all – have fun! It will be a total learning experience.

With that in mind, no pressure. That said, I was still up pretty early this morning thinking about the race – my nerves wreeking havok again. It will settle down we are let go. Perhaps I can even harness some of it to my advantage.

I’ll post photos and my account sometime over the course of the weekend.

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