Sunday Crit Series Race

It’s been a couple weeks since I participated in the Scarborough Crit Series race. The last time the wind was blowing at 20 or 25 mph and gusting to 35 mph. It was time to get back out there again today.

I wasn’t sure if I’d have the legs for it after yesterday’s race. The issue was had I hydrated and eaten properly to recover.

The plan was to ride to the race. If the legs felt good I’d play. I told my husband I’d ride a couple laps to see how I felt and bail if I needed. He chided me to talking like a quitter and giving me an out. He urged me to ride it, dig deep, and not give up.

The first two laps were the worst. I dropped off the back but worked hard to catch back on, burning matches in the process. After the first two laps I settled in and acclimated to the pace. It was such a good group today and several of us were chatting in the back. I had on my Fatty jersey so that was a topic of discussion with some.


On the 11th lap someone took a flyer after the first turn and I couldn’t hang and dropped back. So it was a 1 1/2 lap time trial for me. Luckily I passed another rider, Scott, so I wasn’t DFL. Woo Hoo!

The first lap was also designated as the women’s preme lap. I was in the middle-back but watched Meg and Julie move up. I was able to hug the yellow line and move up, stealth like, and slide in just behind Julie. Neither one of them knew I was there until I blew past with more than 200 meters to go. I heard Julie speak an expletive and I grinned to myself. But as soon as I launched I knew I had gone with too much distance to cover. They eventually swarmed me on either side and Julie took the preme.


I might have been better off to sit on one of their wheels for a 100 meters before going. Even so, it was great fun. Eventually I’ll get it.


2 responses to “Sunday Crit Series Race

  1. “I might have been better off to sit on one of their wheels for a 100 meters before going.”

    Heh-heh! That’s a good strategy. You should do that! Thanks for the forecast!

    BTW, the expletive had to do with poopy. I looked up and saw you blow by like a rocket.

    You rode so well – it’s about time you decided to stay with the bunch. I’m not surprised. In fact, when I saw you warming up, I asked Meg “what’s up with Dana?!?”

    I think I’ll offer up some Needhams candy for the next women’s prime – you know, that candy made from potato, sugar, coconut, and chocolate? Would that influence you in any way?

  2. Needhams are no golden carrot for me, surprisingly enough. It certainly was good for feel so good and have the legs in good working order.

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