Flat Legs

After a good showing at the crit yesterday my legs were extremely flat today.

The plan was to ride the PVC Monday night ride. I rode my bike there and my legs were very heavy, despite an effort to open them. There were five of us total – 4 women, including Meg, and 1 man. After a few miles I told Meg that I was pealing off. The legs just weren’t responding and I knew that Range Road would toast my legs and it would be a long ride home from there.

It was also freaking cold tonight. After 90’s Saturday, 70’s and 80’s yesterday, today felt very cold at 54-degrees with the wind coming off the ocean. I wouldn’t have felt it as much if I had ridden harder to get my heart rate up and my blood flowing.

This is supposed to be an easy week for me and even though I thought some of pushing that off, I think I’m going to stick to the plan and back off.

Tomorrow will be an entire day off. We have tickets to see Ben Folds. Wednesday is the clinic. I’ll ride easy Thursday and Friday, with an opener Saturday in preparation for the LL Bean Time Trial Sunday.


One response to “Flat Legs

  1. YAY Ben Folds!!!

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