LL Bean Time Trial Recap

I’m not much on time trials. I prefer the energy from group rides and racing.

That said, I know that riding time trials can make you a better/stronger rider. In short it’s good training.

After a warm up I went to the start line. I had 5 minutes to my start so I had time to run back to my car to ditch my leg warmers. Or so I thought. By the time I arrived back to the start line I found out I had missed my start. Grrr! That’s a bad start and a mistake that’s completely avoidable!

So the next three people went and then they started me.

Now, according to race rules, your time starts when your are scheduled to start, whether you are there or not. So I had already lost over 90 seconds by the time I hit the course. Trust me, this is a mistake I will never make again.

My goal was to average 18mph. I thought that would be attainable considering this hilly course with some rough pavement in places.

I was passed by countless riders. That’s what I expected. I was happy to see that only serious time trialists passed me. By that I mean that only those with disc wheels and aero bars or time trial bikes passed me. Surprisingly that didn’t discourage me. In fact, often times it gave me more incentive to keep pushing  on. Some who knew me, or recognized my kit as being the one for the club to which they belong, even gave me encouraging words.

I even had the pleasure of passing one rider. He was #272, the rider that started right after my time slot.

At one point I had a 19.3 mph average. I knew that wouldn’t last because there were a few climbs still to come.

I rode a strong tempo for the duration of the ride, keeping my cadence as high as possible and comfortable so as to not burn my legs out for the few hills at the end of the route. Though with 5 miles to go I felt myself running out of steam. I talked myself through it, urging my legs to keep the pressure on the pedals. (I hope the guy that came up behind me didn’t hear me yelling at myself! Doubt he did from the noise generated from his disc wheel.)

I forgot to stop my bike computer when I crossed the line so my average is a bit off. I’m happy to report it was 18.6mph. Now, to some that’s slow; for me that was pretty darn good and I’m happy with that. And it’s only May! I’m still waiting for the race results to post so I can get my actual time, minus the late start of course.

Tomorrow will be a good day in the saddle. I anticipate riding strongly after today’s effort. I’m looking forward to getting some decent training in this week after taking it easy last week.

Race results

One response to “LL Bean Time Trial Recap

  1. Good on you for achieving your goal. TT’s are definitely soul searching events!

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