Coming off the Easy Week

After a rest week I’m really struggling to get back on form this week. This is really frustrating for me because I was feeling and riding so well before the break.

I had a decent showing at the TT but I wonder if I had been faster if I had been more open throughout the week.

I struggled on the ride last night. My legs just felt a little flat and definitely rubbery going up over a couple hills.

So tonight I wanted to keep on track to open back up. Unfortunately the weather prediction was for rain – showers in the morning but steadier rain in the afternoon. I had planned on hitting the trainer instead of riding outside.

On the drive home it was barely raining and had stopped completely when I arrived home. I thought perhaps I could eek out a real ride. After checking the radar, that’s exactly what I did.

There was a stiff headwind on the way out, which really sucked but I knew it would be fun on the way back with a tail wind. I just rode tempo for a few blocks of 10 minutes. Perhaps it was the tail wind on the way back, or the fact that my legs were actually becoming more fluid because it was much easier during my last block.

Tomorrow is the cornering clinic with Stephanie Chase. I’m so psyched for this one. I really want to become a better bike handler and with that comes better cornering. I’m going to need it for some late summer crits with more technical corners than what I’m currently riding.

The clinic should be an easy day with little to no intensity. I’ll try to hang on during the Thursday night ride and join the Friday Morning Coffee ride since I’m taking off that day from work. I’m truly excited because I love the coffee ride but seldom am able to participate.

With these rides in the plan I should be plenty open and ready to rock and roll in Bar Harbor this weekend. I’m even going to try the group ride Sunday morning, weather permitting. That will be a nice way to meet some new people.


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