Commute Another Way Week 2009

Commute Another Way Week kinda snuck up on me this year.

For the past two years I’ve been big proponents of the annual event and tried to get coworkers to participate as well. Many live too far away to commute by bike and our office is in a rural area so public transportation is not an option, however carpooling is always an option.

So this year CAWW started on the last day of my vacation. Then there were training rides after work so I needed to be home quicker in order to participate. On my way to those training rides I saw many riders out commuting – a great sight indeed.

Now it’s Thursday and I really feel like a slug for not participating. Tomorrow isn’t an option for me either and it’s officially Bike to Work Day.

This time last year I had been commuting by bike for a couple months, off an on. I belive this also contributed to my burnout towards the end of the summer. Not to mention that commuting became junk miles for me.

With my racing plans this year I had to be selective of my bike miles and make every mile count.

Still, I do miss commuting by bike. I’ll have to do it now and again this season. There is nothing like the feeling of biking to work early in the morning when traffic is light, the sun is low in the sky, and everything is still with only the sounds of the birds in the trees. (That is when I’m going slow enough so as to avoid the rush of wind in my ears.)


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