The Scott Got an Upgrade

I have mentioned my husband’s bike, the Scott Speedster S30, previously. I’ve ridden in before and have been pretty impressed with it. Luckily my husband and I are about the same size so with a couple minor adjustments it’s a perfect fit.

After riding it I had mentioned to my husband that he should upgrade the 105 components to Ultegra. Part of me was just kidding. I have been riding Ultegra on my bikes now for a while and really like it a lot. The 105 components to me felt a bit clunky and rough.

To my surprise my husband took me seriously and upgraded this bike entirely with the new Ultegra SL groupo. I had also mentioned that I had thought some of upgrading my compact to a traditional double, though I still had reservations about my climbing abilities with a double as opposed to my current compact crank.

My intention was to try the Scott with it’s new upgrades as soon as possible. Unfortunately that took me longer than I had anticipated, mainly because I would immediately just go for the Aegis because it fits me like a glove and I know what to expect. Tonight was finally the night to ride the Scott.

Now, going from a fully carbon fiber bike to a fully aluminum bike, you expect it to feel different. You also expect to feel a lot more road vibration. I’m not going to tell you it was as smooth as my Aegis, but this bike is still a really sweet ride.

The new Ultegra SL groupo worked flawlessly and I really liked the double. Granted I wasn’t able to ascend any significant climbs but the ones I did ride, I rode well. At some point in the near future I’ll take it out to tackle some larger climbs to see how I do with it. If nothing else, it could become my training bike to work on my leg strength.

I was even tempted to take it with me to ride it at Lake Sunapee Road Race tomorrow, but I’ll go with the one I’m more comfortable, and the one I know I can climb with.


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