A Quiet Week

After last week’s race, it’s been a quiet week. With my sights set on the Lake Auburn Road Race on June 6th it was prudent to back off this week in preparation. 

So I rode a bit with Stephanie and a teammate, Meg, Sunday and took off Monday.

Tuesday I needed to be on the bike for an easy ride. We had friends invite us to join them for dinner in Freeport so I thought I’d ride the bike 12 miles to the restaurant to meet them and my husband. It worked out perfectly. Then I rode back in the car. Not very often you can go for a bike ride and only have a tail wind!

Wednesday was the last day of the Chase Cycling Group clinic where we put all our knowledge of the past several weeks to use. It was a great ride followed by a nice BBQ at Stephanie’s.

It might have been a bad decision on my part, but I took Thursday and Friday off. When I went out on the bike today my legs were so flat and heavy. It’s hard to come off a rest week and feel crappy. You just want to dive in and ride hard again but your legs won’t let you.

I will be at the final crit series tomorrow morning. It’s a chance to open up more for the Memorial Day ride in the White Mountains Monday. I’ve done this for the past two years and looking forward to another year. I’m stronger this year but haven’t put in the kind of miles that might be required to completely 85 miles with 6500 feet of climbing. We’ll see how it goes. My husband it sagging so worst case scenario I have a ride. Though I’ll try not to use that as an excuse to stop riding.

I anticipate the upcoming week to be productive on the bike, as well as off the bike, as I am no vacation. It’s a much needed and long overdue break after not having a full week off since April 2008 when we went to the Tour de Georgia.

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