Peak Performance Time Trial

Today was another time trial. It’s part of the Peak Performance Time Trial Series, and even though I won’t be doing all of them, I like to participate in the more local ones. Since this one was basically in my back yard, like the LL Bean Time Trial, I signed up to participate.

With the course only 10 miles away it made sense for me to just bike there in an attempt to warm and open before the event. I was on track until I came upon the Casco Bay Bridge in it’s open position and I hoped it wouldn’t be long before it opened up again. It was a delay I had not planned on and hoped it wouldn’t make me miss the check in time.


The Casco Bay Bridge in it’s upright position.


This was the reason for the open bridge – an oil tanker coming in to dump it’s load.

Luckily I arrived in plenty of time to check in. I found a friend who I didn’t know was participating and we rode the loop together. Even though it’s a pretty flat loop, as compared to the LL Bean TT a month ago, but it has a lot of false flats that I felt challenging. The course was approximately 6 1/2 miles long and we rode it twice for a total of 13 miles.

It was also in the opposite direction of the Prout’s Neck Loop, which is a popular route of cyclists in the area. It’s always interesting to ride a loop in the opposite direction to give you a different perspective on the terrain.

My start time was 8:23 and I was bound and determined not to miss it. I probably even stood around a little too long and cooled a bit but I wasn’t going to leave in the event I’d miss the start. (Ted Darling, who started after me at the last event saw me and asked if I was going to miss my start time today – I assured him I would not!)

As soon as I got on the course I approached the first turn. Unfortunately there was some dimwit directing traffic, and poorly I might add, to the point that I had to slow in order to make the turn. (On the next lap I had to do the same and take the corner even more cautiously because the guy directing traffic wasn’t even looking at me and I was afraid he would wave someone into my path.)

My husband captured the disgust on my face.

The winner for the women was a friend of mine, Marianne Stover.

Marianne Stover with a finish time of 32:09.63 (an impressive avg speed of 24.82).

The men’s and overall winner was Fred Thomas.

Fred Thomas with an impressive finish time of 27:06.25 (a mind spinning average speed of 29.4mph).

My finish time was 38:58.38. That put me in 6th position in a field of 9 in my age group. (Unfortunately they have me listed in the Men 35-44 and I’ve sent an email to have them correct this. It’s also not the first time this has happened at a local time trial.)

The weather for the upcoming week looks to be very conducive for riding. I need to get some saddle time this week in preparation for Lake Auburn Saturday. 


2 responses to “Peak Performance Time Trial

  1. The look on your face is WAY better than Fred’s!

  2. I’m going to try Fred’s face look next time. He won it so perhaps that might help me do better, too!

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