PreRace Jitters

Tomorrow is the Lake Auburn Road Race and the most local race I’ll participate in all year. 

24 hours before the race and I once again have prerace jitters.  Funny that I don’t get them before large group rides, even organized centuries but I do get them before races.

So I have a question for many of you that race: do you ever get to a point where you don’t have them? If you have then now, how do you deal with them?


4 responses to “PreRace Jitters

  1. I always get them before a race – more like anxiety. Makes me distracted and crabby. As much as I like racing I look forward to the weeks when I don’t have a weekend race so I can be at peace :).

  2. I don’t have them as bad as I used to but do still get the burbling tummy.

  3. It’s okay to have butterflies in your tummy — the key is to make them fly in formation.

  4. I think when you stop having these, then it’s not fun anymore. They do get a bit less invasive as more races get under your pedals, but they are still there. I tend to just get super focused, a bit on fire and tune out everything else but the floppy belly syndrome isn’t there anymore.

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