Coincidental Meetings

My husband and I recently joined a Meet Up group in Portland. The group gathers to dine at various restaurants in the Greater Portland area. Last night was the first event we attended and it was dinner at Caiola’s.

We chatted a bit before ordering and I started to hear a bit of conversation to my right that involved something about rain and drying out last weekend. So I turned my attention to that end of the table and realized that one of the participants, Tom, had participated in the Trek last weekend. So we started chatting about the Trek and biking in general.

As the evening wore on I discovered that another woman at the table was also a cyclist, along with another man by the name of Michael, who looked really familiar and it turns out he’s been on some of the rides I’ve been on in the past.

Eventually the conversation turned to where people lived. When we told the group where our home was, Tom announced that he was our neighbor and thought we looked familiar. He actually lives in a home that we looked at before we purchased our current home. I also knew he was a cyclist from a brief conversation I had had with him on the street when I was headed out for an early spring training ride a while back.

We all had a chuckle at the fact that we met our neighbor at such an event! What were the odds? And once again, my cycling life collides with other aspects of my life. You could almost say that cycling allows me to be connected to so many different people from so many walks of life – people I/we probably wouldn’t be connected to otherwise if it wasn’t for cycling.

I’m not one for taking photos of my meals when I go out but I ordered the figs as an appetizer and the presentation was just so charming I wanted to capture it for my blog:


It was really yummy! I love fresh figs and pair them with gorganzola and I’m a very happy diner!


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