Yarmouth Clam Festival Bike Race

There is a local race called the Yarmouth Clam Festival race that I look forward to going to watch every year. As you can imagine, it coincides with the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Even before I lost a lot of fitness over the last month, I knew I wouldn’t race this one. It’s an open women’s field and I’m sure I’d get dropped early on, not to mention there is a pretty technical right hand turn after a rough short descent. I wasn’t comfortable with that so I knew it wasn’t the race for me, at least not this year.

Since the race is sponsored by my club, Portland Velo Club, I volunteered to work registration, which was really fun! Then I was able to take video while my husband took photos of the race, and that allowed me to cheer on people I knew in the race. (It’s great to know many of the riders to cheers for.)

In the women’s race there was an early break with Rebecca Wellons, Danielle Ruane, and Anna McLoon:


The break was significant enough that I knew it was going to stick. Rebecca Wellons managed a significant break in the second to last lap to win the race easily. She also won this event last year.


The men’s race was a little different story. With a full field of 100 riders we saw a different break each lap for the first few laps of the race.




Finally this break would stick to the end:


Local guy, Dan Vaillancourt, eked out the win by coming around Peter Bradshaw in the last 50 meters for victory.



It was a great few hours of racing by both men and women and the action is never disappointing. Unfortunately there were a couple crashes in the men’s race, causing one rider to be taken away by ambulance. (I think he just busted up his knee/leg pretty well during a fall around the tight turn onto Lafayette Street.)

To see all our photos from this race you can go to our Flickr Collection. You can also check out photos by Kevin Morris.


One response to “Yarmouth Clam Festival Bike Race

  1. Thank you for this wonderful account of the Yarmouth Clam Festival Bike Race! We’ve linked to it from the Clam Festival Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ClamFestival)

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