Too Busy to Blog

I’m saddened to say that I’ve been too busy to blog. Here’s why (from last week’s schedule):

Sunday: Cleaned the house then went to the Old Port to meet some friends for lunch at Ri Ra’s and walk around with them.

Monday: PVC ride, then a double back to catch the last of the CCCP ride, then drinks out with the group.

Tuesday: Commute to/from work then dinner and the Neko Case concert at Port City Music Hall.

Wednesday: Dinner with friends at the Portland Yacht Club – they are members, not us.

Thursday: Ran errands after work for two hours, because I hadn’t had time to do them earlier in the week, followed by making something for a company BBQ the following day.

Friday: Movie (Julie & Julia) with hubby and a friend.

Saturday (yesterday): Early morning ride for 2.5 hours, yard work, then Bay Stock, which was a concert on the Maine State Pier featuring Jason Spooner Trio, Gypsy Tailwind, and Guster.

Sunday (today): a 2 hour ride then scraping and painting outside for 7+ hours.

Yup, it’s been crazy busy! This week should be better. Or at least after tomorrow. I’ll go for my normal Monday night ride, followed by drinks with the crew, then home to make a dish for hubby for his monthly pot luck at the office.

As you can imagine, not only was there no time to blog, but there was no time to ride. Grrr. After practically the month of July off I was starting to get back at it consistenty and then hit with a heavy week of socializing, which don’t get me wrong, is a lot of fun. I just hoped to be able to work in a few more rides.

The rest of the week will be “quiet” but I’m on a mission to get a few projects done prior to company coming at the end of the month, not to mention the normal routine to-dos such as laundry, general cleaning, etc. In between I’ll do my best to get something interesting posted. (I would have had a nice Neko Case video to post but it turned out kinda crappy from my phone.) So why don’t you check out her interview on Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me instead? (Special thanks to my friend Scotty for posting this on FB – it’s really great!)

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