Shifting Gears

My gears have not been shifting very well lately. On the Peak ride Wednesday it was annoying to shift and not have the derailleur respond as it should. It was sluggish at best.

It wasn’t much better on the Thursday night ride so upon my arrival home I put the bike up on the stand and made some tension adjustments with the barrel adjuster.

I thought it was pretty good until I got on the bike to commute to work Friday. It was shifting horribly. I had to shift up twice and down once to get the derailleur where the chain wouldn’t jump. I read Wheels’ blog about adjusting the cable tension so I set out at lunch to tighten the cable more by pulling it tighter. It seemed to work but I could only get it to shift well one way but not shifting well the other way.

I had to resort to taking the bike to my mechanic Saturday morning. I was hopeful the problem was a frayed cable and not the chain/cassette, which is still pretty new. My mechanic did notice that the chain was a little worn but still had plenty of life left. So he ended up cleaning the cable housing and replacing the cable.

I took the bike for a ride Sunday morning and it shifted perfectly. I’m glad it was a relatively easy fix. I will have to contend with a little cable stretch over the next couple weeks but I can manage those adjustmenst on my own.


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