Acadia National Park

Last week during vacation we took our guest to Acadia National Park. He’s an avid hiker so we figured he’d love seeing the scenery and all that Acadia offers to hikers. However, we didn’t have time for him to do any hiking himself – it was a quick up and back kind of trip.

The first on the agenda was a carriage ride. This time we took the 2-hour bridges tour. It was just the right length and we were able to see some beautiful sights, including the Jordan Pond Stream, which was 1/2 way through the tour and we were let out while the horses were turned around.


This was our team of horses:


After the ride it was time for dinner at one of our favorite places – Getty’s:


Followed by a walk around town:





2 responses to “Acadia National Park

  1. Acadia looks beautiful…it’s on our list to visit!

  2. I highly recommend it. I had lived in Maine all my life and only started visiting the past couple years.

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