Going Bananas

While in the store this weekend I was buying a bunch of bananas, which I buy once or twice a week. I actually prefer to buy them in smaller quantities and more freqently because I don’t like them very ripe. I prefer my bananas barely yellow. Anything more tastes like mush to me. (But the upside is that I’ll have bananas for banana bread!)

As I stood in line at the cash register, I started thinking more about bananas. For me it’s the perfect fruit. It’s easily portable, doesn’t require a lot to eat one (no knife needed to peal or cut it), and the “wrapper” can be discarded easily in nature if you have a banana on a ride.

I tend to eat a fair bit of bananas. I often have one for snack at work, or as part of my breakfast, or in a bowl of fruit or in a smoothy following a ride.

Sometimes it’s hard to find some fruits when they are out of season, or at least they are more expensive. But bananas never seem to vary. They are less than a dollar per pound, which is really the best deal going compared to many other fruits. For this reason, I wonder how many pounds of bananas are sold every day/month/year. The banana section of the grocery store seems to always being turned over, which is good to keep the fruit fresh.

To me I think bananas are the perfect fruit. Don’t get me wrong, I love cherries, as I’ve posted before, in addition to fresh figs, pears, cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, and all kinds of berries. I haven’t gotten much into the exotic fruits such as passion fruit and pomegranites. Though I must admit I’ve had persimons before and find them to be very tasty.

So what’s your “perfect fruit” and why do you feel that way?


One response to “Going Bananas

  1. My mother used to talk about “banana day”. That is the day when the bananas you have are at one’s own perfection. The day before they might be a little green, the day after a little too mushy. In the summer, sometimes “banana day” is really only a few hours. I agree, you just can’t buy too many in advance! Personally right now, I think I am out of banana phase. Not sure what my perfect fruit is, but it isn’t a banana right now!

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