Yogave is a donation based yoga studio in Falmouth, Maine. It’s owned an operated by my friends David Clark and Lisa Maxwell. (Both are ex-competitive cyclists.)

Dave informed me of the opening of the studio earlier in the year. At that point I was in the middle of training/cycling and the only classes available were during training hours after work, Monday through Friday at 6pm. Since then they have added more classes and more instructors, including weekend classes.

Today I made a point of getting up early and going to class. Lisa was instructing today so that was a driving factor to attend since I haven’t been able to catch up with her in a while. I also know the benefits to yoga for cyclists to build strength and flexibility. After visiting a massage therapist recently and realizing how tight I am, not to mention my limited flexibility. I used to do that a bit in the off season a couple years back and it made a huge difference. It’s time to focus on yoga again as a way to improve my cycling.

The studio is located at 170 US Route One, Falmouth, in the back of the building. The space is very inviting and relaxing. It’s exactly what you’d expect a yoga studio to be like.

At Yogave, you don’t need to join or pay for a membership. It’s set up on a pay as you go and donation basis. This is quite a different concept from the norm of most fitness studios. Though it must be working because they have been able to add classes and instructors.

There are a variety of classes offered and a variety of times throughout the week so the program works for all level abilities as well as many schedules.

If you happen to live in the Greater Portland area, I highly recommend checking out Yogave in Falmouth. If you have never attended yoga classes before and want to learn more about Vinyasa Flow, there is a workshop scheduled at Yogave, Saturday, 9/26, from noon to 2pm. Go check it out – I’m sure you’ll love it!


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