A Quick and Chilly Ride

It’s been over a week since I was on the bike. Feeling particularly rested and frisky I thought I’d try to eek out a quick ride after work before the sun set. I won’t lie – it felt awesome to be on the bike!

It certainly was chilly and I should have worn a base layer. But I survived just fine and saw this beautiful view on my way back home – the last few minutes of light for the day.

(The view from the Falmouth Bridge as I was riding back to Portland.)


2 responses to “A Quick and Chilly Ride

  1. Beautiful! Back on my bike today also. It has been miserable weather here. It is amazing what you see on your rides and makes you feel blessed to live in such beautiful places

    • Indeed. I normally just blow by those sorts of scenes. But tonight I made myself stop to capture it and I’m so glad I did. Doesn’t it feel great to be back on the bike after a long break?

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