Late December Riding

Sometimes the weather surprises us this time of year, allowing for a really nice ride. Such was the case today.

The temperatures were predicted to be around 40 but it was 46 at last check when starting out around 11:00am.

With high thin clouds it was warm enough to go out in my kit, arm/leg warmers and a vest.

My timing was very good as it clouded up immensely soon after my return 3 hours later followed by cold rain that turned into a bit of snow.

I relish rides such as these throughout the winter months. They are certainly far and few between but I’ll be very grateful for each and every one. Though they usually don’t feel as warm as today’s once we build a significant snow pack.

Tomorrow it turns significantly colder with temps in the 20s and very windy, then finishing off the week with a Nor’easter, or so they say. Looks like I’ll be back on the trainer and treadmill later this week.

At least today provided me a chance to capture more video for indoor training purposes. More on this later.

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