A New Spin Class

There’s a new spin class in town and it’s great!

I found out about it only yesterday through a friend and fellow PVC women’s team member.

The class was being offered by Maine Running Company. Now, they would typically be an unlikely place to offer spin classes. However, since they cater to a pretty large trianthlon crowd, and they have a quiet space in the back, I guess it must have made sense to them.

With the location and time/day good for me, I jumped and called to sign up. With their pricing structure it made more sense to sign up for the entire 14 weeks instead of just dropping in occasionally in hopes of a spot.

The class is being taught by Denise Goode,  a USAT Level 1 Coach, a USA Level 3 Cycling Coach with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition. (In January will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance. She is also currently training for Ironman Lake Placid.)

A good part of the class was talking and getting to know everyone. Yes, we worked and had a structure, but it was nice to chat a bit when we could. It was interesting that when the work level rose significantly everyone stopped talking and just focusing on their form.

I forgot how great spinning with a group can be. It certainly makes the time fly by. I’ve been to other classes where it’s not “acceptable” to talk, and that’s okay. I understand that too. This was a bit different and that was also good.

I’m looking forward to going back next week. Between a little of this mixed in with some other varying workouts I hope to be in good shape coming into the spring.

Tomorrow night: yoga at Yogave!

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