Cycling Cap Review

I own several cycling caps. I own almost as many cycling caps as Fatty owns back packs.

I have a new wool Capo cap that has a section in the back that you can turn up in the back or pull down over the ears if it’s cold. Then I have two other cotton Capo caps – white and blue. I have an Embrocation cap, given to me by my friend, Chris LaFlamme. (I think technically it was for my husband but I confiscated it. Don’t tell him!) I also own two other basic caps that I purchased on Nashbar a few years ago, and rarely wear them.

It’s rare to see women wearing cycling caps. I’m not sure why that is. I really started wearing them consistently this past year and love them. I won’t always wear them in the summer, they tend to be too warm, especially with all the hair I have. But during the remainder parts of the year I wear them as I’d wear a pair of cycling gloves – they just become part of the process.

Cycling caps for me give me a little extra warmth when needed and are small enough to take off an slip in my jersey pocket. The brim is great for visibility when the sun is just right to blind you, and it also shields my face a bit when it’s raining.

Recently, my friend Julie has started making wool cycling caps to sell. She has been displaying at a few craft shows – sadly I’ve been unable to attend them. After the end of the PVC Women’s training clinic she presented me with it, saying she made it especially for me since it was “my color” (a nice magenta color). You might have seen my twitter on this Thursday evening. There is a lot to be said for a simple gift you receive from a friend made just for you – they mean so much!

This is Julie (right) sporting the cap:

So I couldn’t wait to wear my new cap on the bike, which I did Saturday. The cap was comfy, warm, with a perfect fit. But I must say it was the brim that impressed me the most. It was at just the right location and deep enough to shield the sun from my eyes. It was also a stiffer brim than what it offered on the new Capo wool cap. I have an idea I just found my new favorite cycling cap!

(Feel free to contact Julie if you would be interested in purchasing one of her caps!.)

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