Snow Shoe Fail; Treadmill Wins

Well my plan of snow shoeing again today did not come to fruition.

First off, I slept pretty late. Then I needed to get some overdue cleaning done, in particular vacuuming. Then as we moved further into the afternoon and I still needed to make dinner and prep food for the upcoming week, it was much easier to hit the treadmill than to drive to the golf course and snow shoe for 2 hours.

My alternate plan was to “run” (if you call 12 minute mile running) for an hour. I managed just over an hour because I was so close to running 5 miles that I didn’t want to stop until I hit it. I ended up running (again, loosely used word) for 62 minutes that included a 5 minute walk/warmup.

You are probably wondering why I didn’t hit the bike/trainer for this hour. Well, with thoughts of a duathlon in my future, it’s good to start preparing. Another reason for running is that sometimes I feel I get more bang for my buck on the treadmill than on the bike. Yet one more reason is because we have a really nice treadmill and I’ll feel very guilty if I don’t use it more to justify it’s existence in our home.

I must admit that I don’t run nearly as much as I should. Granted, it doesn’t do anything for my biking abilities, but still, it’s good for aerobic fitness and bone density.

This week I’m back at my routine for training. The past rest week has really done a lot of good for me. I feel mentally recharged to refocus my training efforts on the bike, and the treadmill, too.


One response to “Snow Shoe Fail; Treadmill Wins

  1. I’ve been wanting to go snowshoe as well, but the snow has melted, here in Cleveland to leave us with gray sky and rain. I really like your Scott Martin quote!

    – Kloé

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