Rest Day? No Way!

Mondays are typically a rest day for me. However, I didn’t rest for a couple reasons.

I left work early for a dentist appointment today. My 3pm appointment meant I would be home a bit earlier than normal. Since I was getting home earlier I could get a decent workout on the trainer without it being too late when I finished.

While I don’t doubt my ability to get up at 4:30am for a Tuesday morning 1-hour workout, I do question my ability to get up at 4:00 am for a 90 minute workout, as was my plan for Tuesday. So I felt it would be easier to get in the longer workout tonight.

Another factor is that although Saturday’s snow shoeing event wasn’t an arduous workout, yesterday’s 1-hour run (er, jog?) was. Working out again today allowed my to have two relatively hard days followed by one rest day.

Tonight’s plan was to manage 90 minutes on the bike and I’m sad to say it only turned out to be 75 minutes. I used a video I had created that had several blocks of tempo at varying lengths followed by some recovery sessions and then 3 sets of out of the saddle efforts followed by in the saddle effort, tempo and recovery. I could have extended the program slightly but it’s okay for what it is.

I need to make more of these video workouts because watching the video of being on the road really helps get me through some of these sessions. I also need to make sure I take my video camera with me in the summer months to capture more material for video projects. Having more riders in the video would definitely make it more interesting.

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