A Tiring Week

This week was a very long and tiring week.

After my rest day Monday I was up early Tuesday morning for a spin because I had a happy hour after work. I decided to get up early Wednesday morning to spin again and I had my weekly spin class Wednesday evening. Thursday I thought wouldn’t set my alarm but if I was up early I’d work out again. But I didn’t – I needed the extra hour of sleep and then planned to go to yoga that evening followed by a local club social, which also included the movie, Bicycle Dreams.

With a couple early mornings and something going on after work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it was an exhausting week. Not to mention that work itself was crazy as well.

I thought early morning spins would be good way to get my workout in if I couldn’t do it at night. Perhaps I bit off a bit more than I could chew. Still, I felt good that I was able to keep my training going and not pushing it aside. I also like working out in the morning – I can manage to get out of bed at 4:30 for a 60-minute spin, though I’m not sure I can get up at 4:00 for a 90-minute spin.

Today, even though I didn’t sleep as long as I expected to, I feel much more refreshed. I had hoped to make it out on the road for a ride today but didn’t. For starters, it takes a lot less preparation to spin inside than to put on all the layers for a cold ride outside. Secondly, it’s easier to do specific workouts on a trainer without fluctuating terrain or wind speeds. I opted for a 2-hour indoor spin instead.

Next week isn’t quite as crazy but still requires me to adjust my schedule accordingly to make sure I manage the hours on the bike needed.


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