Padded Cycling Gloves

Ever since I started riding bike I’ve worn gloves. On occasion I find myself not wearing them while on the bike, for short rides, and it feels very odd to me. I compare it to not wearing your seat belt in the car – just a feeling that’s something is not right.

I’ve always been of the mindset that heavily padded gloves are better. I own three pairs of Body Geometry cycling gloves that I used to like wearing a lot. This season I’ve been wearing my Pearl Izumi Gel Lite gloves. My husband bought me 3 pairs of them last year and since they match the PVC Women’s kit so well those are the ones I wear most.

Recently I noticed that when I wear the heavily padded BG gloves, my hands become uncomfortable and the gloves tend to shift back so that they pinch in the webbing between my fingers. These gloves have always done this but I’ve noticed it much more recently after wearing the Pearl Izumi gloves.

I read reviews a few years back about the Pearl Izumi gloves and the gel padding breaking down quickly. I must say, I noticed this happened to these gloves too, but it didn’t matter because they continued to be comfortable.

I also read that the pros don’t wear heavily padded gloves. Not that I’m ever going to be a pro, but perhaps they know something I didn’t in that something less padded was actually more comfortable?

So my criteria for gloves have changed – heavy padding is not something that interests me any more.

Are there things you look for in gloves? What works for you? What doesn’t work for you?


One response to “Padded Cycling Gloves

  1. I have come to believe it’s less the glove and more how you place your hands. Put your weight on the heels of your hands. They’re naturally padded. I will be buying less expensive gloves in the future.

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