A Rare Winter Ride

We have been in a very wintry snow pattern this winter, like much of the northeast. My hopes for a winter like last year faded very quickly after the first couple snow storms dumping inches and inches.

You see, last year the northeast got pounded like they are this year but we were in a strange pattern where the storms stayed south of us. We ended up with very little snow as a result. That meant a fair bit of outdoor riding for me.

This year is vastly different. I’ve been on the trainer as much as possible, logging 45-60 minutes in the mornings before work and 90-120 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays.

This weekend the temperatures warmed up to the freezing range and the roads have cleared enough to manage a safe ride with no fear of falling on any black ice. It was a treat and a nice break from the boredom of the trainer. My goal was to ride easy, focus on my cadence, and just enjoy being on the road.

It did cloud up and even spit snow for a while. I realized it was the first time I had actually ridden my bike while it was snowing.

But the most interesting thing that happened was when two snowmobiles came out of the woods on a trail to ride up the side of the road in the snow-covered shoulder. The first one got out on the road and in front of me. The second came out at the time I was next to him. Luckily he stopped and waited for me to go by before turning out onto the road. I bet he was shocked to see someone out on a bicycle while he was also enjoying his winter sport.

My euphoria is short lived. We are due to receive two more storms this week, one on Tuesday with snowfall predictions in the 3-6 inch range, followed by a more significant snow storm on Wednesday with anticipated accumulations of 8-12 inches.

One response to “A Rare Winter Ride

  1. I wonder how many snowmoblie-bicycle accidents occur each year? I suspect you were almost in a very small group! Hang in there – Spring is around the corner. Honest.

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