Losing a Dear Friend

Recently I lost a dear friend – my beloved cat, Sarah.

We had inherited our two cats from friends that moved away almost 7 years ago. Solomon is an attention seeking cat and not bashful about wanting affection and he’s always been like that. Sarah, on the other hand, was always shy and wouldn’t get near many people, especially strangers.

After having these cats, Sarah really came out of her shell. She became my puppy dog, following me around the house, cuddling up near me on the sofa and on the bed. Often she would coax me into the bedroom where I’d lay down on the bed so she could curl up next to me. Then we’d both fall asleep.

Sarah also became the type of cat that would greet you at the door when you arrived home and come out when we had company.

Most recently she turned into a huge lap cat. She would walk up to my husband and force herself onto his lap, regardless of what might be on it, including her brother, Solomon.

Unfortunately Sarah became ill quickly and we had to put her to sleep. We are fortunate that she didn’t suffer long. Even though we knew our cats were old, we still didn’t think we’d ever lose them. I think most pet owners feel this way.

Pets become a huge part of our family – they are our children and when they are gone there is a big hole in our hearts. Still, I’m fortunate for the time we had with Sarah. She was a special cat and the joy she brought to our lives for over 6 years will be cherrished.



One response to “Losing a Dear Friend

  1. I am sorry to hear this. Condolences.

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