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Yogave is a donation based yoga studio in Falmouth, Maine. It’s owned an operated by my friends David Clark and Lisa Maxwell. (Both are ex-competitive cyclists.)

Dave informed me of the opening of the studio earlier in the year. At that point I was in the middle of training/cycling and the only classes available were during training hours after work, Monday through Friday at 6pm. Since then they have added more classes and more instructors, including weekend classes.

Today I made a point of getting up early and going to class. Lisa was instructing today so that was a driving factor to attend since I haven’t been able to catch up with her in a while. I also know the benefits to yoga for cyclists to build strength and flexibility. After visiting a massage therapist recently and realizing how tight I am, not to mention my limited flexibility. I used to do that a bit in the off season a couple years back and it made a huge difference. It’s time to focus on yoga again as a way to improve my cycling.

The studio is located at 170 US Route One, Falmouth, in the back of the building. The space is very inviting and relaxing. It’s exactly what you’d expect a yoga studio to be like.

At Yogave, you don’t need to join or pay for a membership. It’s set up on a pay as you go and donation basis. This is quite a different concept from the norm of most fitness studios. Though it must be working because they have been able to add classes and instructors.

There are a variety of classes offered and a variety of times throughout the week so the program works for all level abilities as well as many schedules.

If you happen to live in the Greater Portland area, I highly recommend checking out Yogave in Falmouth. If you have never attended yoga classes before and want to learn more about Vinyasa Flow, there is a workshop scheduled at Yogave, Saturday, 9/26, from noon to 2pm. Go check it out – I’m sure you’ll love it!

Velo Commute, Finally

I just haven’t gotten around to commuting much by bike this year. I did it once for Green Streets day on June 26th.

Today was supposed to be a nice day and with no errands to run or a group/training ride tonight, it was a good opportunity to bike to work. The plan was to ride easy both to and from work as a recovery ride.

It was an uneventful ride with the exception of another commuter pulling up next to me. We started chatting and I realized it was a guy that I rode with along the same route early in the season two years ago. Even though we ride the route often, his commute is longer so he had to leave earlier, thus we don’t see each other along the way.

You just never know who, or what, you are going to see or meet along a ride.

The Ride After

My goal was to go out tonight and ride a decent effort. I knew right away that my legs had nothing to give. And why should I expect anything different? They gave me a lot yesterday in the time trial. 

It probably didn’t help that I didn’t have much for lunch today. My first day back at work after my vacation and although it wasn’t too crazy, it was a bit hectic during the lunch hours so I only ate a Cliff Bar for lunch.

I showed up at the ride after a 20-minute warm up. We started out on time and I promptly was dropped on the first climb. A nice OA/Cyclemania guy dropped back to pull me along the flat section before the turn onto Range Road, which can be a challenging road, especially with a head wind. I knew then I was done. I told him that I was peeling off the ride and not to wait for me.

So I just rode tempo all the way home. My legs felt okay when I stood up but when I sat back in the saddle they were just jello and would barely move. 

I think I’ll spin them a little easy tomorrow and make the most out of Wednesday’s ride and also try to ride the Thursday night ride this week.

A Quiet Week

After last week’s race, it’s been a quiet week. With my sights set on the Lake Auburn Road Race on June 6th it was prudent to back off this week in preparation. 

So I rode a bit with Stephanie and a teammate, Meg, Sunday and took off Monday.

Tuesday I needed to be on the bike for an easy ride. We had friends invite us to join them for dinner in Freeport so I thought I’d ride the bike 12 miles to the restaurant to meet them and my husband. It worked out perfectly. Then I rode back in the car. Not very often you can go for a bike ride and only have a tail wind!

Wednesday was the last day of the Chase Cycling Group clinic where we put all our knowledge of the past several weeks to use. It was a great ride followed by a nice BBQ at Stephanie’s.

It might have been a bad decision on my part, but I took Thursday and Friday off. When I went out on the bike today my legs were so flat and heavy. It’s hard to come off a rest week and feel crappy. You just want to dive in and ride hard again but your legs won’t let you.

I will be at the final crit series tomorrow morning. It’s a chance to open up more for the Memorial Day ride in the White Mountains Monday. I’ve done this for the past two years and looking forward to another year. I’m stronger this year but haven’t put in the kind of miles that might be required to completely 85 miles with 6500 feet of climbing. We’ll see how it goes. My husband it sagging so worst case scenario I have a ride. Though I’ll try not to use that as an excuse to stop riding.

I anticipate the upcoming week to be productive on the bike, as well as off the bike, as I am no vacation. It’s a much needed and long overdue break after not having a full week off since April 2008 when we went to the Tour de Georgia.

Easy Week Over

My easy week has finally drawn to a close. I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike tomorrow morning for an easy ride with a few “pick ups” to open up. Gotta be ready for the LL Bean Time Trial Sunday.

This is the order for the start Sunday:

Red = Me / Green = Friend / Blue = Teammate

Start           Starting Last    First  Sex
Posit.           Time    Name    Name
1       0:00:00 7:30:00 MEADER  CAROL   F
2       0:00:30 7:30:30 HAENN   MICHAEL M
3       0:01:00 7:31:00 BRENNAN ERIN    F
4       0:01:30 7:31:30 FISHER  CECELIA F
5       0:02:00 7:32:00 BURNS   MARK    M
6       0:02:30 7:32:30 FANNING MARTHA  F
7       0:03:00 7:33:00 HUBBELL LIDDY   F
8       0:03:30 7:33:30
9       0:04:00 7:34:00 MCCUSKER CARRIE F
10      0:04:30 7:34:30
11      0:05:00 7:35:00 TIMBERLAKE PAUL M
12      0:05:30 7:35:30 GODUTI  SHANNON F
13      0:06:00 7:36:00 HELLSTEDT BRETT M
14      0:06:30 7:36:30 BASSETT EDWARD  M
15      0:07:00 7:37:00 BLAKE   LORI    F
16      0:07:30 7:37:30 BERTHIAUME GUY  M
17      0:08:00 7:38:00 LISA    OWEN    M
18      0:08:30 7:38:30 FREEMAN ANN     F
19      0:09:00 7:39:00 GOODRICH ANDREA F
20      0:09:30 7:39:30 COX     JOHN    M
21      0:10:00 7:40:00 CARY    CHARLES M
22      0:10:30 7:40:30
23      0:11:00 7:41:00 WRIGHT  CHARLES M
24      0:11:30 7:41:30 ADAMS   KIM     M
25      0:12:00 7:42:00 ALPERN  HEIDI   F
26      0:12:30 7:42:30 SIANI   AMELIA  F
27      0:13:00 7:43:00 KERNER  MIKE    M
28      0:13:30 7:43:30 GAINER  ADRIANE F
29      0:14:00 7:44:00 GOODHUE GREG    M
30      0:14:30 7:44:30 MOORE   MATT    M
31      0:15:00 7:45:00 POOLEY  KEN     M
32      0:15:30 7:45:30 CULLEN  BRIAN   M
33      0:16:00 7:46:00 WHITE   CHRIS   M
34      0:16:30 7:46:30 PIETROWSKI DAVID M
35      0:17:00 7:47:00 DECK    MARCUS  M
36      0:17:30 7:47:30 JOHNSON MELISSA F
37      0:18:00 7:48:00 CRAWFORD NICK   M
38      0:18:30 7:48:30 BRYCE   TIMOTHY M
39      0:19:00 7:49:00 EVANS   JEREMY  M
40      0:19:30 7:49:30 COOK    THOMAS  M
41      0:20:00 7:50:00 DEFEO   ELITA   F
42      0:20:30 7:50:30 COBB    ERIC    M
43      0:21:00 7:51:00 CRAWFORD ZAC    M
44      0:21:30 7:51:30 COOKE-MCALLISTER ERIN   F
45      0:22:00 7:52:00 SHEPARD WALT    M
46      0:22:30 7:52:30 ENGLEHARDT PATRICK      M
47      0:23:00 7:53:00 GOSS    TROY    M
48      0:23:30 7:53:30 JAMES   BILL    M
49      0:24:00 7:54:00 CAVALLI MAXIMILIAN M
50      0:24:30 7:54:30 PARENT  JOSEPH  M
51      0:25:00 7:55:00 LUNT    PAULA   F
52      0:25:30 7:55:30 LUNT    WILLAIM M
53      0:26:00 7:56:00 PHILLIPS DEAN   M
54      0:26:30 7:56:30 VOSBURGH STEVE  M
55      0:27:00 7:57:00 SNELL   KATHERINE       F
56      0:27:30 7:57:30 LOCKHART JULIE  F
57      0:28:00 7:58:00 DEROCHE PAUL    M
58      0:28:30 7:58:30 BAYBUTT STEPHEN M
59      0:29:00 7:59:00 LANDRY  DANIEL  M
60      0:29:30 7:59:30 SEGER   JEFF    M
61      0:30:00 8:00:00 MARSHALL JAMES  M
62      0:30:30 8:00:30 MARSHALL JOHN   M
63      0:31:00 8:01:00 CHIASSON DOUG   M
64      0:31:30 8:01:30 TURNER  BOB     M
65      0:32:00 8:02:00 MEERSE  JOHN    M
66      0:32:30 8:02:30 CONNOR  THOMAS  M
67      0:33:00 8:03:00 BROWN   GREG    M
68      0:33:30 8:03:30 RING    CARL    M
69      0:34:00 8:04:00 FISHER  JEFFREY M
70      0:34:30 8:04:30 YINGLING JEFF   M
71      0:35:00 8:05:00 HICKEY  DANIEL  M
72      0:35:30 8:05:30 MCEWAN  DANA    F
73      0:36:00 8:06:00 SHARRATT MICHAEL M
74      0:36:30 8:06:30 DARLING EDWARD  M
75      0:37:00 8:07:00 BROOKER SETH    M
76      0:37:30 8:07:30 CRAWFORD CAROLE F
77      0:38:00 8:08:00 GOLAY   MIKE    M
78      0:38:30 8:08:30 WORDEN  CHRIS   M
79      0:39:00 8:09:00 JOHNSON JAMES   M
80      0:39:30 8:09:30 WINSTON DANIEL  M
81      0:40:00 8:10:00 BODWELL RICK    M
82      0:40:30 8:10:30 MARR    SCOTT   M
83      0:41:00 8:11:00 AINSWORTH TIMOTHY       M
84      0:41:30 8:11:30 NAVELSKI HARRIS M
85      0:42:00 8:12:00 HOLMANDER DAVID M
86      0:42:30 8:12:30 CHAPMAN JACK    M
87      0:43:00 8:13:00 GOSSELIN TOM    M
88      0:43:30 8:13:30 LUTHER  DOUG    M
89      0:44:00 8:14:00 MURRAY  TOM     M
90      0:44:30 8:14:30 CRAWFORD ROBERT M
91      0:45:00 8:15:00 THOMAS  FRED    M
92      0:45:30 8:15:30 FREEMAN ROCKY   M
93      0:46:00 8:16:00 TAYLOR  HERB    M
94      0:46:30 8:16:30 STERLING CATHERINE F
95      0:47:00 8:17:00 HINSHAW JOEL    M
96      0:47:30 8:17:30 BLAISDELL RENEE F
97      0:48:00 8:18:00 BONADIO STEVEN  M
98      0:48:30 8:18:30 MOCCIA  ANTHONY M
99      0:49:00 8:19:00 ABRAMSON STUART M
100     0:49:30 8:19:30 GILL    NORMAN  M
101     0:50:00 8:20:00 HASKELL ANDY    M
102     0:50:30 8:20:30 BOURGOIN RON    M
103     0:51:00 8:21:00 BAIGUY  ROBERT  M
104     0:51:30 8:21:30 MACLEOD MORGAN  M
105     0:52:00 8:22:00 MCGEE   CHESSELL F
106     0:52:30 8:22:30 WHITE   YASMINE F
107     0:53:00 8:23:00 JOLIN   CHAD    M
108     0:53:30 8:23:30 STOVER  MARIANNE F
109     0:54:00 8:24:00 SMITH   ROB     M
110     0:54:30 8:24:30 NEMEC   KIMBERLY        F
111     0:55:00 8:25:00 HERZ    NATHANIEL       M
112     0:55:30 8:25:30
113     0:56:00 8:26:00 MACDONALD       RYAN    M
114     0:56:30 8:26:30
115     0:57:00 8:27:00
116     0:57:30 8:27:30
117     0:58:00 8:28:00
118     0:58:30 8:28:30
119     0:59:00 8:29:00
120     0:59:30 8:29:30

Flat Legs

After a good showing at the crit yesterday my legs were extremely flat today.

The plan was to ride the PVC Monday night ride. I rode my bike there and my legs were very heavy, despite an effort to open them. There were five of us total – 4 women, including Meg, and 1 man. After a few miles I told Meg that I was pealing off. The legs just weren’t responding and I knew that Range Road would toast my legs and it would be a long ride home from there.

It was also freaking cold tonight. After 90’s Saturday, 70’s and 80’s yesterday, today felt very cold at 54-degrees with the wind coming off the ocean. I wouldn’t have felt it as much if I had ridden harder to get my heart rate up and my blood flowing.

This is supposed to be an easy week for me and even though I thought some of pushing that off, I think I’m going to stick to the plan and back off.

Tomorrow will be an entire day off. We have tickets to see Ben Folds. Wednesday is the clinic. I’ll ride easy Thursday and Friday, with an opener Saturday in preparation for the LL Bean Time Trial Sunday.

Journal of My Day Following a Strength Workout

5:30: woke up and rolled over to discover my legs were very sore.

5:45: getting out of bed was difficult due to the DOMS.

6:45: walking down the stairs I realized that my right quad was significantly more sore than my left, due to lunges and going deeper on one side than the other.

7:30: settling in my chair at work took a little while due to my tender glutes.

10:30: realized I sat too long because I was really stiff when I got out of my chair.

1:30: hopped on the bike for an easy recover ride. This ought to be interesting!

2:00: realized the my legs felt really good pedaling in circles.

3:00: felt like my legs were going to buckle and go out from underneath me, especially the right leg.

8:30: legs still sore but moving a little better.

I can expect another day like this tomorrow, though I hope it will be slightly better. The worst part is that I really need to wait until the soreness is gone before I can get back in the gym to do another strength workout. I’ll still get my easy spin on the bike though.

I only wish it hurt as much while you were doing it. That way I’d back off a little bit instead of working so hard that I can barely move the following day. And yet I do this sort of thing over and over. I just need to remember to do it more frequently so this soreness doesn’t persist and I actually gain some leg/core strength.