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Acadia National Park

Last week during vacation we took our guest to Acadia National Park. He’s an avid hiker so we figured he’d love seeing the scenery and all that Acadia offers to hikers. However, we didn’t have time for him to do any hiking himself – it was a quick up and back kind of trip.

The first on the agenda was a carriage ride. This time we took the 2-hour bridges tour. It was just the right length and we were able to see some beautiful sights, including the Jordan Pond Stream, which was 1/2 way through the tour and we were let out while the horses were turned around.


This was our team of horses:


After the ride it was time for dinner at one of our favorite places – Getty’s:


Followed by a walk around town:




Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5

I have a friend who has an older Lemond steel framed bike. She’s been thinking about a new bike for a while and finally decided that this would be the year.

Tracey is an avid cyclist. I met her late summer of 2006 at a club group ride and we have been friends ever since.

Tracey has always thought her bike was “good enough” for the riding she did and she’s absolutely right. However, because of her level of cycling, at some point her bike became her limiting factor.

Of course there is so much buzz about carbon and she thought that’s probably the way she’d want to go. So she set off to try a few bikes within her price range.

About a month ago a local bike shop recently had an open house and Giant was there for people to test ride bikes. She tried one after a pretty hard effort that morning and wasn’t really sold on it. It’s not that she didn’t like it, it was just hard to tell during the short ride she did on it.

This weekend she had an opportunity to check out another bike shop in town, Cyclemania. Now, when I was looking for an upgrade to my downtube shifting bike I checked out many shops including Cyclemania. The nice thing about this shop is that they’ll let you take a bike out for the day to ride it.  They are very trusting that way and I bet they sell a great deal of bikes because you are able to really run the bike through it’s paces and not just ride it around a parking lot.

So that’s exactly what she did.

One of the owners set her up on a sweet Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5.


She came by our house to show it to us. It really was a sweet looking bike with a massive downtube and molded/sculpted seat and chain stays. I was impressed.

Obviously she was too because we received a phone call a few hours from her announcing she bought the bike.

She bought it just in time for a trip to Bar Harbor with us next weekend. She’ll be flying around the Park Loop Road next weekend for sure!

Saturday in Bar Harbor

We checked in to The Colony in Hulls Cove, just outside Bar Harbor Friday night. The woman who owns the establishment is Scottish and used to be in a cycling club when she was younger in Scotland. We fit right in – the McEwans checking in for a bike weekend!

Saturday morning we woke up to a fabulous morning and looked forward spending the day together. The sun started working to warm the morning up quickly and we headed into town for breakfast at 2 Cats.

We followed breakfast with a delightful carriage ride on the carriage trails out of Wildwood Stables. We were fortunate enough to have a front row seat for the hour-long ride.

Right after we started off we wondered if we would see our friends who had gone out on the carriage trails with their kids for a bike ride. Just as the words left our mouths we saw them!


I took lots of video of the ride but this one was by far the best of Pete (left) and Rock (right):

On the way back to the cabin we detoured up Cadillac Mountain for a little reconnaissance of the road, just to see what I was in for the following day. Don’s getting the hang of taking photos of us:


We arrived back at the cabin early enough to embark on a short 20-mile ride on the bikes. Even though it was cloudy and somewhat cool at 53-degrees, it was actually comfortable on the bike, especially after we rode further away from the seaside. The hills we rode also helped to keep us warm. (Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are very hilly areas.) Below is a picture of my husband that really doesn’t give you the sense of length of the climb behind him.

Back at the cabins we, and many of the travelers passing by on Route 3, we serenaded by a terrific bagpiper on the ledge. He plays on a regular basis for Mrs. Quayle, who owns The Colony, and we all benefited from it! What a wonderful treat!


It was time for others to start arriving and get the grill going for the club BBQ. The Colony was kind enough to supply us with their grill and picnic tables for the affair. It was a cold evening but we had fun just hanging out.



Thankfully the party wrapped up early so we could get some sleep before the big ride the next day.

More on that later!

I’m Back!

Yes, I’ve finally returned from our Bar Harbor trip. Bear with me while I work on some fresh posts. We took some great photos and a little video. The weather was great and the scenery doesn’t get much better! I’m excited to get my posts up so stay tuned!

To whet your appetite, here’s a photo of me sporting my new Fat Cyclist jersey:

Off to Bar Harbor

Today we leave for Bar Harbor to participate in the Cadillac Challenge Century.

I’m pretty excited about this. Not only is that a great place to cycle, and I’ll be in the company of some awesome people that are friends and CCCP club members, but I’m also going to be able to spend a lot of time on my new best friend:

She was an early birthday present from my husband, who also suprised me a couple weeks ago with another birthday present that I look forward to trying out this weekend:

It should be a little easier to use than my other video camera that I just couldn’t seem to get the hang of using. I hope to have some video from our trip to post here next week.

But then, last night my husband surprised me with yet more birthday presents for our upcoming trip:

It’s no secret to my friends that I love Castelli apparel. I can’t decide which one of these to wear Saturday because both will match my bike.

Sunday won’t be a decision day, I’ll wear the club jersey like all the other club members. Gotta fly the colors!

However, when my husband further surprised me with this jersey, I KNEW this would be the jersey to wear:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the new coveted Fat Cyclist jersey. (My friend, Julie, is going to freak!) My husband had preordered it earlier this year and it was expected to arrive in November, which would have meant a Christmas present. But since it’s here now, it’s a no brainer what I’ll be seen in on our Saturday ride!

Happy birthday to me, and it’s not even my birthday yet! (And in case you are wondering, yes, I’m wicked spoiled!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Winding Down

Despite my upcoming century, or metric century, in Bar Harbor on October 5th, I feel my cycling season is really winding down.

Gone is the desire to hit the road hard. My inclination to ride for hours is fading fast like the light in the evening autumn sky.

Belgium Kneewarmers wrote a great post on it recently. It only confirms my need to take some time off before hitting the gym later this fall.

For now my focus has changed. I’ve started walking in the evenings with my husband recently and I’m happy to report it’s the highlight of my day. It gives us a chance to be together and talk, without the distraction of the TV, email or the internet. From these walks we have had some wonderful discussions, most about cycling or what’s going on in our separate lives at our respective offices.

I’ve enjoyed these walks so much that I’ve skipped a few group rides for a brisk walk with him. Interestingly enough, this has even been a guilt free decision, even when I see the ride group pass us while we are on our walk. I should have also trusted my instinct Monday and skipped that ride too.

The walks certainly aren’t as intense as the efforts I put in on the the bike. However, I feel the lower intensity efforts are doing me a great deal of good. I’m using muscles different from those I use on the bike and it must be helping stretch out my hips a bit.

The only issue I’ve had with walking was a discomfort in my foot. I’ve recently purchased a new pair of sneaks for the activity, which seems to be helping after just one jaunt.

Our next step will be to add in some intervals of running. Or I should say jogging. I have no desire to run at this point – I’ll save that for mid-winter cross training and ramping up my fitness for the spring season. Jogging will be just enough to step up the pace a bit for more leg strength while still maintaining a somewhat low heart rate.

I can’t imagine walking could be considered real cross training for me. Running would, but not walking. Still, it’s a good way to continue to be active, especially in the company of my husband.

I’m still on the bike periodically for now by commuting to work. I’ll also be riding on the weekends with club members throughout the fall, up until the snow flies. When I’m on the bike I’ll be more aware of enjoying the fresh air, scenery and the companionship of my friends than I will of my heart rate, cadence and average speed.

What about you? Will you also be taking some recovery time this fall? Turning off your alarm and making up for lost time with your family?