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Trek Video

Please forgive the typo at the end – next year’s event is 2010 not 2001.

This year’s event was the 25th anniversary with 2000 riders, 600 volunteers and over $1.6 million raised! Thank you to those who pledged and participated.

CCCP Memorial Day Ride Video

Quiet Days

It’s been rather quiet in my world lately. Thus I haven’t had much to blog about.

The weather is spectacular this week here in Maine. A lot of good that does me with the sunset around 4:30 these days. No time for biking after work.

I’m fortunate enough to have a fitness room at my place of employment. Running on the treadmill a few days a week is helping to keep the weight off and keep my aerobic fitness. Today’s temperatures were in the mid-60’s so I ran outside instead in an effort to make the most of a glorious day. (it’s interesting to run on the same road I bike commute on. I seemed to be going so slow compared to even a slow speed on the bike.)

I managed a ride Sunday with a nice group of 10 others. We rode about 35 miles with an early stop for coffee. I really enjoy these late fall Sunday rides. They are very social and relaxing.

One of the riders Sunday suggested a ride to Freeport for lunch at Buck’s Naked BBQ. I liked the idea so much that I posted it on the CCCP Blog to make it happen this weekend.

I do have some other exciting news. I’ve mentioned a local racer by the name of Stephanie Chase a few times on this blog. I caught mention that she was looking to develop a Cat 4 women’s team in the area. When I pressed her on this, she said she would really like to make this happen. I knew a couple women that would be interested and also approached a few others who also said they were interested.

So there are about a half dozen of us who will meet with Stephanie next Tuesday to discuss the basics.

I’m terribly excited about this new chapter in my life. Not that I’d be good enough to win; that’s not the point. I just want to train hard and be good enough to compete at that level. If in the process I’m able to get a teammate on the podium, all the better!

My days will remain quiet for the next month or so. Then it will be time to hit the gym and the trainer hard in an attempt to be in race form in the spring.

October Weather

Despite the lovely weather this week, my husband and I have only walked once. It was Tuesday when we walked “the Boulevard” (Baxter Boulevard). The lighting was so incredible I had to take a couple pictures with the phone.

I snapped this one of my husband when he didn’t realize I was shooting so close to him:

This time of year the weather can be chilly or very warm. Last week it was chilly but luckily we’ve had a taste of the warmer temperatures at the end of the week with temps in the low 70’s. Great biking weather, even though I haven’t had an opportunity to be on the bike, not to mention that the sun sets so early that any ride would be rather short.

We are off to the Grand Prix of Gloucester tomorrow to cheer on some local racers. I’m sure we’ll come back with tons of photos and a recap for the blog. I also have a couple more posts from our return trip back from Bar Harbor. Check back again for them!

Weekend Recap

What started out as good intentions to keep my blog up to date over the weekend, went right out the window. Not only is my own blogging suffering, but my reading of other blogs is also behind. That’s what happens when you have so much going on. So I’ll just give you a nice recap here:


Ahh, the Cervelo Test Ride event. I can be summed up in one word: WOW!

Dave, the regional sales rep, was awesome and really explained the differences between the bikes I wanted to try.


He explained that the RS, which I tried first, had a bit different handling style than the Soloist. He was right. One guy actually described it as “squirrelly”. I described it as twitchy. (Even a racer I was speaking to later after the event said he felt the same way about the bike.) Between those descriptions I’m sure you get the point. Given the group riding I do, I decided it really wasn’t the bike for me.

Then it was on to the Soloist Carbon. Ahhh, this was the bike. I didn’t want to get off it. I was very impressed, not only with the vibration dampening but with the way it seemed to float up any climb. (This is the bike that the women I mentioned from the Trek rides.)


Then I ended up trying the Soloist Team. Now, this is like trying a really fine wine followed by a cheaper wine. What’s the point? But I must say, when I returned, I said, “It’s not horrible.” That sounds funny to think about and I guess I thought it would be a far inferior bike compared to the Soloist Carbon but it actually rode quite nicely. There were obviously differences in the dampening vibrations but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. A great bike indeed.


After the test ride it was on to join friends after the Thursday Night Ride for drinks at a new beer pub called Novare Res. It was Kris’s birthday and there were a number of people that showed up to help him celebrate.





Our 5th Anniversary was Saturday so we made dinner plans for Hugo’s in Portland, our favorite restaurant. Even though we hadn’t been there in a few years, we were recognized and welcomed by all the staff. We were treated like Royalty and even invited back to meet the chef/owner, Rob Evans. What a treat! This is why we love Hugo’s. The service and friendliness of the staff is unparalleled. Rob is also a well renowned chef in New England and the food is not only delicious but a work of art.


The reason for dinner reservations the evening before our anniversary was so we could attend the free LL Bean Concert featuring Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, one of our favorite bands.

We were joined by my cycling friend and spin instructor, Julie, and her husband Paul.

We packed a picnic dinner with some wine too.

Earlier that day, Don and I managed to get out on the bikes for a nice casual 20 mile bike ride. This was Don’s first ride on his new bike and I think it’s going to serve him well. He seemed to ride very well and I think part of that has to do with the gear ratio offered by the compact crank, and he attributes a lot of the good ride to his 18-20 pounds lost this spring. It was probably a bit of both.

On the way home I could resist taking a photo of some of the largest clematis I have ever seen:

On the way home there was a cool breeze coming off the water and you could see the fog over Casco Bay and we expected it to push in but it never did.


Today I am finally feeling back to myself. To the extent it was time for a decent bike ride. My goal was repeats over Munjoy Hill but because Julie and Paul wanted to go for a ride we decided on a different sort of ride and made it a 35 mile ride starting at 6am. I know that’s early but it’s also so nice to be back early and have the rest of your day for other things. So for me that’s cleaning the bike, catching up on the blog, and attending a birthday BBQ later today.


I’ll be skipping the Monday Night group ride as Don and I have tickets to see Jose Gonzalez at The Stone Church in Newmarket, NH. Again, one of our favorites and I’m looking forward to the show.

I’ll be back with more postings soon! Hopefully I’ll have some photos from the Jose Gonzalez show!

Off to the Trek!

It was a very foggy ride to work this morning. Luckily I had the forethought to put on my head light and tail light for visibility. You know it’s bad when you can’t even wear your glasses because they are covered with so much water you can’t see.

Tonight’s ride home was much different. I walked out of the office to a lovely summer day. I rode extra slow on my way home, just to enjoy the sun.

Tomorrow I’ll be very busy packing and preparing for the Trek. Then we depart at 2pm. So I won’t have any more posts until I return. I’ll be back Sunday late but probably won’t be able to get my head around photos and video until at least Monday, perhaps even later in the week.

So have a nice weekend everyone! I hope the weather is nice in your area and you are able to get some miles in on the bike!

Memorial Day Ride

The weather couldn’t have been better for our 6th Annual CCCP White Mountain Memorial Day Ride. After a 6:30 departure, and picking up a few friends along the way, we arrived at the start in Fryeburg at 8am. That gave us enough time for preparation prior to the start of the ride. (I hate arriving too late and having to rush around.)

The ride started at 9:15 after a short “meeting” and a couple group photos. 32 riders started out.

Somehow I ended up leading the group out. I think everyone was just waiting for someone to leave first and I was it. So I snapped a couple shots of the riders behind me as we rolled along as a group.

A group of 27 chose the much harder course that included a climb up Hurricane Mountain. 5 of us decided to take the alternate route around the mountain and into North Conway. It was cool to be cycling up Route 16 with snow on Mount Washington in front of us.

We regrouped at Red Jersey Cyclery. It was a long regroup. Perhaps too long. I think we were all waiting for someone to leave.

After the regroup we were on our way to the top of Pinkham’s Notch for some lunch.

The group didn’t seem interested in hanging around much after lunch, perhaps making up time for the long stop at the Red Jersey Cyclery. Last year we at least let our food digest a bit before hopping back on the bikes. I guess it didn’t matter much because we had a few miles of descending to do before we had to put in much effort. Plenty of time for the lunch to digest then.

Now, last year I climbed Evan’s Notch twice, which was the last climb of our ride. The first climb on Memorial Day last year was a long an arduous one. In the fall during the Loon Echo ride it didn’t seem nearly as bad. This year I thought it would be a piece of cake. It wasn’t. I did have a friend pulling the entire way. I told him I’d help but he declined my offer. So I sat on his wheel, happy to have it.

I knew when the grade kicked up I’d get dropped and that’s exactly what happened. I did have to stand a bit to give my legs and butt a break, but not much. I find a seated climb works much better for me.

Evan’s Notch is a funny little climb, when approached from the Route 2 side. It’s a long stretch of 8 miles at a slight grade, which allows you to find a nice rhythm and even gain some speed. Then in the last two miles the grade increases, but it’s not horrible. Then there is a flat, a slight down hill, just enough to get a nice recovery and power through the last very short section of a climb. I found that sitting most of the way left me with the energy to crank it to a higher gear at the end and push the last little bit, blowing by a couple of the guys I was climbing with.

Then it was downhill into Fryeburg. The decent can be a little tricky. There are a lot of S-turns with some rough patches. One guy, cruising at 35-40 mph, came across a couple walkers on his side of the road, and a motorcycle on the other. Hitting the breaks he skid and went down. Medical assistance and ambulance transportation was required. Luckily there were a couple doctors and EMT personnel in the group. And by a small miracle Mike didn’t break anything. (You always suspect a broken collar bone.) It only proves the high speed crashes are better than slow ones.

The stretch from the bottom of Evans to Fryeburg seems to get longer every time I ride it. It’s 25-miles from the top of Evan’s. Since it’s 8 miles of climbing you think it’s equally as long on the other side. But it’s only 3 miles of decending. Then it’s flat, and long, and flat, and not very interesting at all. And what little hills there are on the road they seem to suck the life out of you.

I couldn’t wait to be off the bike. So much so that I really had to just pick up the pace so I’d finish sooner than later. Let the suffering end!

After a drink and food at a local pub, Ebenezer’s, we finally headed home. After departing my home at 6:30am, I finally arrived back home after 8 pm. Now, that’s not terribly long, but after all the climbing, some of it done in the blazing sun, and 5 hours in the saddle, I just wanted a hot shower and a comfortable bed. Only to have to get up the next morning for work. Next year I’m taking the day after Memorial Day off!