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There I was last night on the sofa watching the tour when I received an interesting email (you know who you are) asking if I had abandoned my blog.

I was a little surprised that someone had even taken notice. I know I have some followers and this lead me to beloved that some of them might be pretty loyal and actually care about what I have to say.

I also know that a stale blog is a bad blog. I’ve tried in the past to post regularly but I suppose recently I’ve gotten away from the routine of posting.

The reason for my hiatus is simply that it’s just been crazy busy. Work is busy. Life in general is busy. And it’s July, which unlike last year with all the rain, it’s sunny and warm. Okay more like hot. So no excuses not to ride. July also means the Tour so more hours spent following/watching cycling.

I have some life experiences, not unlike your own, that might be worth sharing. So forgive me as I back track a bit over the last several months. There should be enough content there to keep me blogging for a bit longer.

Stay tuned! I’ll be back with postings soon.