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Christmas Wish List

What’s on your Christmas list this year? (Biking related or not.)

I didn’t have much of a list this year. My husband has done well in buying practically everything I could ever want/need for my cycling addiction. I did have fenders on that list for winter riding, and think Santa might be bringing those for me. He might also be giving me a time trial helmet, that I put on my list rather late.

One of the hot items this year is also an I am Not Ted King t-shirt. I have it on good authority from a very credible elf that one will be under the tree for me.

I think I have actually done better purchasing for my husband this year than in years past. Usually I’m at a loss for gifts for him. He falls into that “hard to buy for” category. Not because he’s difficult, but because he tends to buy what he needs throughout the year. And he’s a bit of a techy so I wouldn’t know where to begin in that department. This year is different. Thankfully I asked him for a list of things he might want and from that list I’ve been able to build on it. (I should have done this before!) I’ll elaborate on this after Christmas, that is if my gifts are well received.

The only thing really on my wish list is the lack of snow through most of January, or at least until after New Year’s. I want to have more road rides before we get too much snow and since I’m on vacation between Christmas and New Year’s, it would be a nice time to ride on snow-free roads. (I suppose I should be asking Mother Nature for this as opposed to Santa.)┬áThat said, we did just buy snow shoes for when it does finally snow. To that end, now that we are “prepared for winter” from a recreation standpoint, we probably won’t get much snow. Call it a jinx if you will. And if so, I’ll buy skis next year…

Happy Holidays! I hope you’ve been good enough for Santa to bring you at least one item on your list.

Bah Humbug!

I’m feeling a little Scrooge-like this year when it comes to Christmas. I suppose it’s just that I have a lot going on mentally so the idea of putting much energy into Christmas seems overwhelming.

I just feel so unprepared for Christmas. It seems to have snuck up on me.

For the last few years I’ve insisted upon having a real tree. My husband is completely supportive of my choice but he feels it’s ultimately my choice and he feels rather ambivalent about it.

This year I just couldn’t think about going out to purchase the tree, going through all the efforts to set it up, decorate it, only to dismantle it and haul it out a few weeks later.


So I suggested just a little tiny artificial tree this year. It is, after all, just the two of us. So for $7.00 I purchased this little guy from Rite Aid. It’s 3 feet tall and perfect!

All things considered it doesn’t look half bad. More importantly I’m not stressed out about it. It’s up and will be easy to take down – whenever I get around to it. For the time being, it’s even big enough for a few packages.