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Bicycling as a Result of High Gas Prices

It’s not a new topic. We all hear stories of people choosing to commute more by bike these days because of high gas prices. So here are a few links on the subject:

An article on CNN

Gas prices causing bike shortages in New York

A cartoon on the high prices of gas

I wonder how many of the bikes purchased in the NY area have come from the economic stimulus package rebates. Is this what the President had in mind? Probably not but I’m sure that anyone who has purchased a bike with it is happier for it, with more money in their pocket because of it.

My husband said that more and more of his coworkers are turning to bike commuting, even just a couple days a week. Many of them live within a short distance from his office so it certainly makes sense.

Personally, I’m glad to see so many people turning to cycling. The more people riding on bikes the better, in my humble opinion. The only ones that would be annoyed with it are drivers who perceive cyclists as just people who get in their way. Still, it gives me great satisfaction when I’m flying by on my bike in the bike lane next to a lot of traffic that has piled up waiting for lights to turn so they can move again, which only adds to the poor gas mileage. That’s really a great feeling.

I hope you consider commuting by bike one day, even if it’s just for one day. You might find how truly easy it is!