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Sometimes It Just Clicks

I love it when everything just clicks.

Tonight was one of the best rides ever!

I could tell it was going to be a good night. 1.) I felt good physically. 2.) I felt energized mentally. 3.) My bike had that “like a glove” sort of feeling, which doesn’t happen on every ride. (I know, weird.)

It was warmer than what I normally like to ride in for temperatures but I didn’t care. I went to the shop for a little socializing before the ride. It was also nice to see all the riders show up over the span of 15 minutes or so.

Addie was there. Now, I met Addie (Adrian) on the group rides last year. We “rode together” which is to say we started out together but I could never hang. She would try to “pull me along” but I would always get dropped. I was so amazed by her acceleration that I just couldn’t match. But somehow we formed a bond.

I haven’t seen much of Addie this season. She’s been on a few rides, but I don’t see much of her because, once again, I get dropped. But tonight it felt different. I told her I was out for her. She joked the same. And yes, I kept up with her all night. Even passing her once on a climb. (Not that I’m competitive or anything….)

This is Addie on the right. She is a terrific bike rider that climbs well and has great acceleration.

The other great thing about tonight’s ride was that I saw Dave again. He is a guy that introduced himself on the Friday Morning Coffee Ride last week. Nice guy. He asked if I had a friend named Tracey and then explained that he knows Lisa. He told her that he rode with me Friday morning and she freaked!

Now, Lisa is a gal that I know from spin class. She was an instructor the first year I took spin with Tracey. We got to know her a little bit throughout the year. She’s an ex-bike racer and tells some incredible stories. She is the type of person that can keep you rivetted to a story, if you can hear her over your own side splitting laughter. Yeah, she’s that funny!

I haven’t seen Lisa since last summer. I’ve been thinking a bit about her lately – wondering how’s she’s doing. I made sure to give Dave my card to pass along to her. I really hope she’ll send me an email. She’s a hoot and I hope we can get together for some laughs one day soon.

So, that’s why the ride was the best ever. It wasn’t because of the average speed, although that was pretty high, but I didn’t break any person best or anything. It was that it might have given me an opportunity to reconnect with a friend, and an opportunity to prove myself to a new one.

And yes, perhaps the time off did make me just a wee bit stronger. Click!