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Saying Goodbye

Today was Robert Anderson’s memorial service on Long Island. 15 of us made the trip to Long Island on the 11:00 am ferry for the service.


(Richard Hutchins, Kris Clark, John Tabb, Spencer Reed, and Don McEwan.)

It was a lovely outside service on a beautiful late summer day. The eulogy was delivered by Robert’s best friend, Joey, who I had the pleasure of meeting on the Trek Across Maine in 2007. His eulogy included a story from that event whereby they brought the bare minimum for the three days, but a necessity item was a small espresso maker from a bunsen burner. Incidentally, Joey, unknowing that Robert has packed the espresso making item, had packed demitasse cups. I laughed during this story because I remembered hearing it during the Trek.


There was an organized bike ride at noon right before the service and they pulled in around 12:30, which was a very fitting tribute.


I don’t think I have cried to much at a funeral as I have since my father’s funeral almost 17 years ago. It just felt like we shouldn’t be having a funeral for such a young guy that was otherwise healthy. Just such a tragic accident.

Instead of waiting around for the ferry to depart at almost 5pm, we had a friend that gave us a ride on his boat that he usually uses for a water taxi.


It was a beautiful ride back to the mainland.




(Spencer Reed and John Tabb.)


(Don McEwan and Richard Hutchins.)

It was a lovely afternoon and a great day to say farewell to a dear friend. However, it made me realize that there will be reminders of our loss for months to come, causing a few more tears to be shed as well.