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Cadillac Mountain Sunrise – 9/1/2009

The last time we ventured to Cadillac Mountain for sunrise it was all fogged in. This time we were hoping for a better result.

We got up at 4:45 to hit the road from our rooms by 5am. It was a chilly morning but nothing compared to the top of the mountain with a stiff northerly breeze. Brrrrrrr.

I wasn’t sure that we were going to see the sunrise with the cloud cover on the horizon but it finally happened and we caught some of it on camera.


I can’t believe that there were more out of state plates on most of the vehicles; I only saw a couple of Maine plates.

After sunrise we decided to ride around the Park Loop Road for a little sight seeing:


(This is actually a photo we took. It looks just like some of the postcards or promo pictures you might see of Acadia.)

Then it was off to our favorite place for breakfast:


On our way home we detoured down Somes Sound:

Somes Sound