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The 2011 Season in Full Swing

The 2011 cycling season is in full swing. Or at least as much as the weather will allow. A fair bit of rain has prevented a few weekly rides but we are still managing others.

Spring weather in Maine can be hit or miss. I’ve seen 70-80 degree days in early April and also full on snow storms. Such was the case on April first this year with a good 6-inches of heavy wet snow. The up-side, if there is an up-side, to those types of storms is that the snow is virtually gone the following day.

Last week we gathered for a Wednesday night ride. The afternoon was filled with glorious sun and blue sky. By the time we gathered to ride it was overcast, windy, and snow falling from the sky. But that didn’t stop the 16 or so women who showed up to ride. The adage, “If you don’t like the weather in Maine, just wait a minute” held true because about 20 minutes into the ride it was sunny and warm again.

Regardless of the up and down temps and precipitation, we are officially on the road. Most of the roads have seen at least one pass of a street sweeper, so it was time to pull the Aegis off the trainer, swapping out the trainer tire for a road tire, and prepare it for the road.

Yup, it’s officially spring and the biking season is upon us. We’ll still be faced with cool weather wardrobe decisions for a few weeks yet. You’ll hear no complaints from me – I’ll be outside on my bike.

Is it Spring Yet?

Is this April or March? I’m just a little confused by the weather, and certainly the temperatures.

We have had more gray days than sunny days over the past month. Now, that might not actually be true but it sure as heck feels like it.

It was 40 degrees on my ride today at 11am. My friend Scotty and I joked that it felt a lot like Belgium, which is notorious for it’s cold, damp springs.

Surprisingly I was over dressed. I wondered how that could be when I had ridden in 40 degress with the same layers earlier this year. But alas, there is no snow pack on the ground now and therefore it feels warmer at 40 degrees.

I will need to remember this tomorrow when the temps will be about the same for the race. Being over dressed can be as bad, or even worse, than being under dressed.

This definitely doesn’t feel like spring, dispite the date on the calendar! I don’t think I remember it being this cold the past few springs.

I keep saying it has to warm up soon but we never seem to get there. Perhaps soon.