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October Weather

Despite the lovely weather this week, my husband and I have only walked once. It was Tuesday when we walked “the Boulevard” (Baxter Boulevard). The lighting was so incredible I had to take a couple pictures with the phone.

I snapped this one of my husband when he didn’t realize I was shooting so close to him:

This time of year the weather can be chilly or very warm. Last week it was chilly but luckily we’ve had a taste of the warmer temperatures at the end of the week with temps in the low 70’s. Great biking weather, even though I haven’t had an opportunity to be on the bike, not to mention that the sun sets so early that any ride would be rather short.

We are off to the Grand Prix of Gloucester tomorrow to cheer on some local racers. I’m sure we’ll come back with tons of photos and a recap for the blog. I also have a couple more posts from our return trip back from Bar Harbor. Check back again for them!