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Women’s Ride Gathering

Friday night my women’s ride group combined with the SMCC women’s ride group for a nice dinner at Rivalries.

The evening started with a drink, or two, while Stephanie Chase talked about how women can improve their cycling.

Unfortunately Stephanie’s time was limited as we needed to move from the cozy little spot in the corner to a table in the noisy part of the upstairs area. With almost 20 women at the table there was no way Stephanie could continue giving advice to the ladies.

Women's Ride End of Season Celebration

It was still a great evening and fun to get together. A great way to end a terrific season.

Women's Ride End of Season Celebration

A Fun Friday Night Planned

I’m rather excited about tomorrow night.

Earlier in the year the woman who leads the women’s ride out of Saco and I teamed up for a combined women’s ride. We tried to make it happen again but it rained that day and we haven’t been able to find the time to reschedule.

However, the other woman came up with the idea to have a combined group gathering with a guest speaker, a local racer by the name of Stephanie Chase. She thought it would be nice to have Stephanie talk about cycling, training, nutrition, etc. It seems Stephanie started racing mid-life, which is rather fitting since most of our riders are mid-life women.

Stephanie a really nice lady, proving once again that cyclists are really nice people.



She asked that everyone come up with their own person answers to the following questions:

  1. What are your individual cycling goals for next year?
  2. What do you find are your difficulties in cycling?

I have my answers:

  1. Break 20mph on group rides. Keep up longer on group rides. Build more strength.
  2. Cornering and descending.

This should be a great time. It will be several of us gals sitting around and talking about cycling. What could be more fun that that??

The Last Women’s Ride for the Season

Last night we had a good crowd for the last women’s ride of the season.

It was pretty dark when we returned approximately 90 minutes later. We really couldn’t have extended the ride any further into the season without starting earlier. 5:30 is the earliest we can safely start with most people’s work schedules.

It has been a great first season for this women’s ride. We had a great group of core riders that showed week after week. And each week brought at least one newcomer.

I think everyone is looking forward to repeating this group ride next season and we are going to do what we can to make that happen!

Bicycling Magazine

A couple months ago our club president was contacted by Bicycling Magazine. They wanted to talk to someone about the women’s ride I started this year. So he passed on the information for me to return the call, which I did.

When I returned the call she said someone would be contacting me about the page in the back of the magazine called “Finish”, which is where the photo and a couple quotes would be featured. Then I never heard back from them. Until today.

I am awaiting a call from a local photographer to line up a time when he/she can come and take some pictures after the ride. I’ll then contact all the riders on my email list to see if we can get a larger than normal turnout.

I was told the photo would be in the October issue. That’s just in time for my birthday, also in October. So be on the lookout for that issue! I’ll purchase plenty copies to pass along to my family. They’ll love that!

A Special Women’s Ride

We had a total of 17 riders for the special women’s ride today. We left from Clifford Park at 7:45am and traveled to Biddeford Pool, Fortunes Rock Beach and into Cape Porpoise for lunch.

Unfortunately my camera was acting  up and the outside pictures I took did not come out at all. But a few of the inside pictures from breakfast did.

All the women seemed to have a wonderful time so our goal is to organize another one in September. If you didn’t have a chance to ride with us today, stay tuned for more info on the next ride!!

I Scream

A large group for the Tuesday night ride tonight. I’m sure it had more to do with the planned ice cream stop than the weather. Not everyone stopped, and some stopped only briefly. It was dinner time after all so some chose to go home for a decent meal. Hmmm, life is short, aren’t you supposed to eat dessert first??

We saw some familiar faces on the road as well. I decided to wear my club kit on the ride and it gives me great pride to see others flying the club colors on rides thoughout the area.

Special Women’s Ride – July 19th!

Save the date!
Saturday, July 19th.
7:30am to 10:30am
Cost:  Ride is free, but bring cash for your breakfast (the Wayfarer only takes cash)
RSVP:  Please email me by Wednesday, July 16th (so we’ll the restaurant will know how many will be coming)

Shannon Bryant and I both lead women’s only group rides.  Shannon’s group leaves from Gorham Bike and Fitness, Saco and my group leaves from Back Bay Bicycle, Portland.

We thought it would be fun to combine our women’s groups for a special women’s only bike ride this summer on Saturday, July 19th.  We will start the ride at 7:30am (still haven’t finalized where we are leaving from – either UNE or Clifford Park).  We will bike by the beaches along Route 9 in Biddeford and then into Cape Porpoise, stop for breakfast at the Wayfarer and have a get-to-know-you activity, and then make our way back.

This ride is for ALL abilities so please think about joining us on this fun excursion! Bring a friend! The more the merrier!

July 19th Women’s Ride and Breakfast

Finally, A Women’s Ride

I have two rules about the Tuesday night women’s ride I lead: If the ride is canceled (perhaps due to weather) I’ll send an email by 4pm, which is two hours prior to the ride; and if it’s raining at 5:30, don’t bother showing up. The past two weeks I’ve canceled the rides due to thunderstorms that popped up in the afternoons.

This week it looked like the weather was finally going to cooperate for the ride. However, after 5pm I saw a storm on the radar moving in but it was too late to give everyone enough notice. It also wasn’t raining at 5:30 so I headed to the shop.

I wasn’t sure how many women would show up but there were about 10 of us. After calling home for an update on the radar, I informed everyone about the potential rain but they wanted to ride anyway. We made it all the way out to the “turn around spot” when it started raining. So we rode the entire way back in the rain.

The sun started coming out as we approached Portland and I was surprised we hadn’t seen a rainbow. But then we finally did. I snapped a couple of shots on the way back from the shop with my camera phone:

The worst part about riding in the rain is the time it takes to clean the bike when you arrive back home. My brakes were covered with black sludge, so you can imagine what my rims looked like. Hopefully the ladies on the ride took my advice and cleaned their bikes tonight as well.

I am impressed that these women still wanted to ride, even with the threat of rain. I’m not one to generally ride in the rain so I would have been just as happy to have gone home and called it a night. But these women were there, expecting, and more importantly, WANTING to ride.  Perhaps they enjoy the ride so much that they look forward to it every week, or perhaps it’s because we’ve had so much rain in the afternoons lately that there hasn’t been much riding going on and it was time to ride again. Whatever the reason, I’m very happy that these women keep showing up week after week.

A Nice Women’s Ride

Tonight was a nice women’s ride. It was warm and 13 riders showed up for the ride. There were riders of all ability levels and many of them were new to the ride. We also arrived just in time before the showers moved into the area.

Bicycle Musings

A Picture in My Head

Last night was a perfect day for the women’s ride. The temperature was around 70 degrees and the sun felt wonderful. On the way home, as we rode across the Falmouth Bridge, me in the back, the sun low in the sky, it’s reflection on the water and illuminating the brightly colored jerseys in front of me was a sight to behold. I wish I had taken a picture. It was the way a ride should end, on a very serene note.


I have noticed that I don’t see many women commuting by bike on my travels to/from work. However, today I did see one. Though I can’t be sure she was commuting – she had a small back pack on but the might have just been out on a ride.

When you take the same route everyday, at approximately the same time, you tend to see the same people. There is one guy that I’ve seen a couple times this week. He doesn’t look to be commuting and my guess is that he’s just out riding early in the morning. There are other guys I see but this particular guy I recognize daily, he’s older and has gray facial hair.

There is also a guy that I see walking in the morning too. This morning his wife was out walking with him. To everyone I see, I always wave, say good morning, or both.

I also see the owner of European Bakery. I know it’s him/her by the license plate E Bakery, which I’ve recognized from the parking lot of European Bakery. (On a side note, European Bakery makes the best cakes in the Greater Portland area. They are outstanding! We are ordering one for our daughter’s graduation and that’s where our wedding cakes came from.)

I’ve shaved a bit of time off my morning commute these past couple days. Taking the Ibex helped, though I should be riding a bit more easy on my way in and home to avoid that Zone 3 Syndrome. Sometimes it just feels good to go harder. I also don’t use the panniers on the Ibex – I use a messenger bag. Tomorrow I’ll take the Scattantee and ride go easier.