About Me

Trek Pic-Top of Cadillac

I am a middle aged woman who rediscovered cycling in the spring of 2006. I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s become my passion and I’ve immersed myself in bike culture.

I lived in Portland, Maine for 11 years with my incredibly supportive husband. We currently reside in North Carolina. I also have a beautiful, thoughtful and intelligent 20 something-year old daughter and son-in-law. Yes, she thinks I’m insane with the amount of miles I ride.

I started a women’s ride in 2008 out of Back Bay Bicycle in Portland. I found that there were so many women out there interested in group rides in a friendly, supportive, non-intimidating setting. My goal was to encourage more women to ride in group settings. I turned the reigns over to two terrific ladies in 2009.

After cycling for a few years I thought it would be fun to try a little racing during the 2009 season and raced for PVC. That was short lived with only a few races under my belt but it was a good experience nonetheless. In Maine there are very few races and I wasn’t interested in traveling 2 to 4 hours for a 45 minute race.

Facebook Photo-PVC Kit

In 2010 I became a founding member of the Portland Velo Club’s women’s group. It was an idea of David Brink’s and Eddie Quinn’s, owners of Cyclemania, to develop a women’s specific club as part of the Portland Velo Club. We have grown this group to approximately 50 women members and twice as many men. I’m confident this is the largest women’s cycling group of it’s kind in the State of Maine with three regular local rides each week.

After staring a blog for CCCP in the fall of 2007 and found I really enjoyed it, which made me think it was time for my own blog. So here I am. I blog mostly about cycling and some about my life in general.

Thanks for checking it out. Feel free to comment on anything you read here.

6 responses to “About Me

  1. Great site!! It makes me want to look into cycling. How do you know Bob Crowley? I saw the picture, big fan.
    Good luck in all your endevors.

    • I don’t actually know Bob. A friend that we were out with told me who it was. Otherwise I never would have known because I don’t watch Survivor.

  2. Just found your site and really enjoyed reading some of your posts so far. I got my first road bike yesterday and can’t wait to start riding and getting in some miles on the new bike. I got a Fuji Silhouette

  3. Stef, congratulations on your new purchase. I’m sure you’ll be hooked as quickly as I was!

  4. Hi Maine, saw ur website post on Graeme Street via Facebook — the interview with Chris. Your website is good & esp happy to see we share the Scott S series — its a great bike. Did you change the components? didnt knew Scott was offering Ultergra in S-30 series. Yeah love that quote on Cycling and pain — so so true.
    YOur website would be motivational for lot of women out there so do keep up ur passion.

    • Rayomond,

      The Scott came with full 105 components and my husband had them swapped out for me. I much prefer Ultegra to 105 but don’t feel the difference between Ultegra and Dura-Ace is worth the price. That’s not my limiting factor!

      Thanks for your kind words. My goal is to indeed aspire more women to ride!


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