Trek across Maine – Day 1

This will be a quick update. Today was the first day of the trek and if you aren’t following me on twitter then you don’t know that it rained all day. However, once I got wet and used to the wet roads I was fine. Both my friend, Tracey, and I agreed that it wasn’t as miserable as we anticipate. I just rode tempo with a nice average mile per hour for a rainy day. That was primarily a solo effort as there weren’t many that went by me to use as a draft. InsteAd I found myself passing most riders. We got a late start and I think most of the seasoned and faster riders started much earlier.

After being wet on the bike for 65 miles the shower didn’t even feel good- I was wet and just wanted to be dry for a while.

Off to dinner soon then meeting up with some classmates at a local pub. (I grew up not far from Farmington, the first stopping town for the Trek, and some classmates are still in the area. Good time to catch up with them!)

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