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The Ride After

My goal was to go out tonight and ride a decent effort. I knew right away that my legs had nothing to give. And why should I expect anything different? They gave me a lot yesterday in the time trial. 

It probably didn’t help that I didn’t have much for lunch today. My first day back at work after my vacation and although it wasn’t too crazy, it was a bit hectic during the lunch hours so I only ate a Cliff Bar for lunch.

I showed up at the ride after a 20-minute warm up. We started out on time and I promptly was dropped on the first climb. A nice OA/Cyclemania guy dropped back to pull me along the flat section before the turn onto Range Road, which can be a challenging road, especially with a head wind. I knew then I was done. I told him that I was peeling off the ride and not to wait for me.

So I just rode tempo all the way home. My legs felt okay when I stood up but when I sat back in the saddle they were just jello and would barely move. 

I think I’ll spin them a little easy tomorrow and make the most out of Wednesday’s ride and also try to ride the Thursday night ride this week.